Vadim Kazachenko avoids meetings with his pregnant wife

Вадим Казаченко избегает встреч с беременной женой The singer did not appear at the hearing on alimony. This was reported by human rights activist Catherine Gordon, representing the interests of the former beloved of the artist of Olga Martynova. As a result, the meeting had to be postponed.

      In December last year, the name of the singer Vadim Kazachenko was at the center of the scandal. The actor left his pregnant wife Olga Martynov. In the future, the woman decided to sue a former lover to court to make him pay alimony. Recently in Moscow held a preliminary hearing on the claim of Olga to the artist. However, it had to be postponed.

      The pregnant wife of Vadim Kazachenko requires money for the maintenance

      “On hearing Vadim Kazachenko failed to appear, citing treatment in the United States. The hearing scheduled for January 19, 2017. Recall that our client’s trial is more a matter of principle, since the husband few years, according to Olga, generally concealed it from the public, and during pregnancy not only left without the help, but insisted on abortion” – this message appeared in the microblog of the company, representing the interests of the ex-lover of the singer.

      We will remind that Olga went to court on 15 December 2016. A pregnant young woman made an appeal along with human rights activist Catherine Gordon. It stated that Martynov requires from the contractor the amount of three times the subsistence level in Moscow. Olga intends to seek payment from October until the child reaches three years of age.

      Previously, the wife Kozachenko said about threats on his part. Representatives Olga said she has evidence of aggressive behaviour of the spouse. A young woman claims that the main reason for her proceedings with a former lover – a requirement of the star to have an abortion.

      In turn, the current darling of the artist, its Director Irina Amanti, Olga Martynov accused of lying. The woman claims that everything said pregnant wife Kazachenko, is wrong. According to Amanti, her lover didn’t dump his wife, because I never lived with her. Irina also said that is afraid of revenge rival. According to her, Olga is capable of much.

      Note that the second halves of Vadim Kazachenko met face-to-face in the Studio program “Let them talk”. In the broadcast transmission on the shooting which almost took the scandal, women outlined their versions of what happened. After some time in the Studio itself appeared Kozachenko. He did not agree with the charges that it imposes Olga.

      Wife of Vadim Kazachenko met face-to-face

      “I’m still against what came on TV the girl who’s been with me in marriage. I have always been responsible for everything I did, do and will do. I had a difficult period when we split up with Irina. If I feel betrayed by someone, only her. Excuse me,” said the artist.