Sienna Miller spoke about the mistakes of youth

Сиенна Миллер рассказала об ошибках молодости
The actress admitted that was stupid and he regrets it.

Photo: Target Press/EAST NEWS

Sienna Miller was often in the midst of various scandals. The most notorious of which was an affair with a married at the time Jude law and Balthazar Getty — millionaire, burdened with family and children.

Now Sienna admits that he regrets the mistakes of the past. With age, the actress became wiser and realized that before you jump in the pool with his head, in another novel, it would be nice to think of the responsibility in front of other people.

“Perhaps if I were more responsible then, I would be able to avoid some very ugly situations, says Sienna. For example, an affair with a married men. As it happened with Balthazar Getty, who had a family and children. Or Jude law… Yes, it was a situation far from ideal. But I always, frankly, preferred to follow his instincts. When it was about love, then lived on the principle of “the heart wants what it wants”. And the decision took more of a heart, not the mind, though not consider themselves deprived of mental abilities. And love, well, love can be a blessing and a curse, as you know… Yes, I was stupid. And has earned a reputation as some kind of frivolous, flighty woman. But it has nothing to do with reality.”

Roman actress with Jude law ended after the scandalous infidelity of the actor with the nanny of his children. But Sienna and Jude after some time has tried to fix their relationship. “Jude is one of the most bright and beautiful periods in my life, says the Sienna. We’re so terribly broke up the first time, so painful to both that this attempt to restore the relationship, to correct the past, to breathe new life into them was necessary for both of us. Yes, we are again and this time finally broke up. But the second attempt was a real shock, catharsis for us, this rarely happens… I’ll always be Jude and maintain relationships. We make friends, communicate, share with each other all experiences and events, talk about the kids. I love his children. Make friends with them. And I believe always will be”.

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