Natalia Friske: “Statement on the abduction of Plato – nonsense!”

Наталья Фриске: «Заявление о похищении Платона - бред!» Sister of the late singer has denied media reports that their family had approached the authorities with a statement about the disappearance of the boy. The child’s father Dmitry Shepelev said that he went with his son on holiday abroad.

      Наталья Фриске: «Заявление о похищении Платона - бред!»

      With new force scandal broke between family Friske and Dmitry Shepelev. Today several media reported that the relatives of the late singer wrote a statement to the police the disappearance of little Plato. It was about that Shepelev took the boy to an unknown destination and stopped communicating with his relatives son. “StarHit” decided to check out this information and called Natalia Friske. Sister of the singer claims that the statement was not out of the question.

      “All this nonsense!” – says Natalia.

      The family’s lawyer Friske appealed to the guardianship, to find out where they took the child. It turned out that the Agency had not verified, as the lives of Plato. They reported that the boy’s father left with his son on vacation. Vladimir Borisovich and other relatives worried about the health and safety of Plato.

      According to the lawyer, Shepelev could use Bank accounts, which is in his son. Besides, the journalist does not allow the heir to see my family late wife. On the day when the boy was three years old, his father took him out of town. The family of Jeanne Friske could not see Plato in his celebration.

      Earlier, relatives of the singer managed through the guardianship to achieve a decision on the establishment of a procedure for meetings with a small Plato. However, the boy’s father ignored the decision of the state bodies, after which Vladimir Ivanov, Olga and Natalia Friske was forced to go to court. On this issue, held several hearings, but the decision thereon is not made still, as the hearings from time to time transferred.

      Наталья Фриске: «Заявление о похищении Платона - бред!»

      In turn, Dmitry Shepelev said that none of the prosecution and the police had not contacted him. He believes that the Declaration to the Prosecutor – it’s another provocation. According to Shepeleva, Plato is with him and his family on the sea, abroad.

      By the way, awhile ago in a press there were rumors that Dmitry novel with a friend of Jeanne Friske, Oksana Stepanova, as in the letter dedicated to the deceased singer, he mentioned a certain woman who supported him in difficult times.

      “All year my only companion was unfamiliar to me before. It’s the only thing dared to be beside me and share this terrible time. How it was important for me that after so many years finally care about me. As it was important, and I can give love and care. I’m probably supposed to like, but I couldn’t. After all, still living in the past, what a pity. And still thanks to her, my only angel, my gentle Savior,” wrote the journalist.

      Dmitry Shepelev in a letter to Jeanne Friske: “I am once again frustrated, accusing you that left me betrayed”