Поведение футболистов российской сборной вызвало осуждение всей страны The party with the participation of Kokorin and Mamaev in Monte Carlo entailed serious consequences. Leadership team members have imposed on them the penalty, including a fine. In addition, players were forced to remove their profiles from social networks due to hit the wrath of the fans.

      Поведение футболистов российской сборной вызвало осуждение всей страны

      Russian national football team crashed out of the European championship, becoming the worst team in their group. In the final match, our country lost to Wales with the score 3:0, thereby depriving fans hope for the continuation of the competition. The performance of players was extremely disappointed fans who literally blew up the social network in discussions with the incident.

      It would seem that after two weeks of passion in football subsided a bit. But as it turned out, this was only the calm before the real storm. Yesterday in the Internet appeared photos and videos from the night club in Monte Carlo, which instantly caused a huge scandal in the football community.

      In the video, published by one of the users of Instagram, the players of the football team Alexander Kokorin and Pavel Mamaev smoke hookah under sounds of the anthem of Russia. Salute them, the visitors gathered around, as well as employees of the club carrying trays of hundreds of bottles of elite champagne. According to media reports, the players were ordered about 500 bottles of alcohol with a total value of 250 thousand euros. In General, a private party, attended by Kokorin and Mamaev, was a success.

      Поведение футболистов российской сборной вызвало осуждение всей страны

      It should be noted that immediately after the defeat of the Russian team in the resignation of coach Leonid Slutsky. Some players, for example, Vasily Berezutsky, apologized to fans for the defeat in the championship. However, Kokorin and Mamaev are not included in this number. On the contrary, Paul, sitting in comfortable seats of a private jet, did the calling post to Instagram. “Yes, we lost… Yes, flew… But I think this was our maximum,” he wrote.

      Star strongly condemned the games of the Russian football team at Euro 2016

      “I hope Mamaev on his private jet good rest. Need a rest after such an intense tournament!” – ironically on the skater Alexei Yagudin, who was among the stars respond to the most aggressive play of the Russian team.

      Поведение футболистов российской сборной вызвало осуждение всей страны

      It is not surprising that after a party in Monte-Carlo the players hit with new force to the anger of fans all over Russia. While dissatisfaction did not hide this time, and authorities. “There are players who have expressed unwillingness to play. Some of the players, their behavior showed reluctance to play for the national team,” – said Minister of sport and President of the Russian football Union Vitaly Mutko.

      Information about fun party in Monte-Carlo, and became known to Vladimir Putin. “On the kurtosis heard it all, including President Putin. It received wide media coverage, a wide public response. But first you need to decide — still it was a vain mess paid our players or somebody else,” – said the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov.

      Interestingly, Kokorin found the strength to publicly make excuses for their actions.

      “It would be foolish to deny that we attended in the institution. This happened 4-5 days ago. All who know this place, I can confirm that there is always a lot of Russian visitors. So it was this time. Someone was celebrating a birthday and we were there. Of course, all seen ordered these bottles, I heard the Russian national anthem, but why attribute the organization of all this to us? We do not have any relation to the bill for this party, nor its surroundings, and the money referred to in the media, it would be possible to buy not only champagne, but all this institution,” he says.

      However, the management “Zenith” has announced the decision to move Kokorin in the youth team and fined for misconduct. FC Krasnodar, who plays the mom, and used to the player similar sanctions, moving the midfielder in the reserves.

      Apparently, the ranks of fans of football stars already emptied considerably. Instead of rave reviews on their pages in social networks, Kokorin and Mamaev found thousands of convictions, after which Alexander shut his page, and Paul is removed.

      Moreover, in the Internet appeared the petition, the main requirement of which is the exclusion of pseudo-players from the national team. The authors of the document suggest the tools that the team received for their performance at EURO 2016, and more than 8 million Euro to direct for payment of emergency treatment to the children of Russia, which require complex operations abroad.

      Amid the scandal, with Kokorin and Mamaev has information that the captain of the national team of Russia on football Roman Shirokov retired from CSKA. The midfielder does not exclude that in the near future I finish my football career. “I came to the conclusion, if I fail to find a decent option for continuing a career of the player, it is best to finish and find a job in Russia and not to lose all contacts. Play not much left, well, two or three years I’ll play, and then what?” – said Shirokov.

      In the article were used materials of news agencies TASS and RIA Novosti.

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