Дочь Лолиты зажгла на отдыхе у бассейна Eva spends holidays together with her famous mom in a warmer climate. The pop star decided to show the followers of the microblog, as she sings to her successor. Hot video featuring a 16 year old girl made a splash in the social network.

      Lolita went with her daughter Eva to rest in the hot region. Not to get sunburnt under the scorching sun in the middle of the day, the family had settled on the sun loungers under the parasols parasols by the pool of the hotel complex. In such circumstances, eve had decided to sing a song of Leonid Agutin ay-ay-ay,” and her famous mom filmed a performance of the heiress on camera phones.

      “Dedicated To Leonid Agutin. It is not a blind audition from our family. We have exactly the singer will not go, but I really love to hear them singing the people who love to do it,” he signed the movie Lolita.

      Dedicated To Leonid Agutin!) @agutinleonid, it’s not a blind audition from our family)) We have exactly the singer did not go)), but I really love to listen to the singing of the people, loving to do it))

      Video posted by Lolita (@lolitamilyavskaya) Jul 5 2016 9:17 PDT

      Fans of the singer was amazed at how hot and emotionally sang the heiress stars. “The daughter of the admirable”, “a True and sincere girl,” “What is it you have a good, reverent, loving, Good boy! She’s really grown up,” wrote the users of the social network after watching the “clip” part of eve.

      Recall that Lolita gave birth to eve when he was married to Alexander Tsekalo. However, shortly after the birth of the baby her parents separated. In an interview, the singer told that her second husband could not accept the fact that they have a special child. Eva was born premature, and later the doctors diagnosed her with autism. “Only in the first year after the divorce gave alimony to eve, ten thousand dollars. Apparently, once to 18 years,” recalled Palladium. Lolita gets from Alexander Tsekalo child support for daughter

      Thanks to the efforts of the singer and the work of psychologists, Eva was able to cope with the disease and almost catch up to their peers. The girl is very wise. Lolita admits that her daughter is able to appreciate the gifts and know that the money goes not just. “She is not spoiled. I recently gave her iPad, looking – and it goes with the old. “Mom – explains – it is still not out of order,” said the singer in an interview.

      Fourth husband of Lolita, Dmitry managed to build a good relationship with the daughter of his wife. Eva gets on well with her stepfather and can communicate with him on any topic.

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