Цукерберг получил премию Союза журналистов Казахстана

Wonder if the founder of one of the most popular social networks in Kazakhstan it is waiting for a prize?

Just imagine mark Zuckerberg in America and not know that the Union of journalists of Kazakhstan awarded him the prize in the nomination “Internet project”. According to the Kazakh journalists, Zuckerberg managed to create a social network, “bringing together on a single information platform users from different countries.” This is all so, but one gets the feeling that somehow they were late with this award. Still, Facebook has been in existence since 2004.

But better late than never, say the journalists of Kazakhstan. And congratulations to the famous programmer with a well-deserved reward. It is reported “Radio Azattyk”. However, does not specify what the prize entitled to the founder of Facebook – cash or just some sort of figurine. And then maybe for good awards Zuckerberg decide to Kazakhstan to fly. In the meantime, the founder of the popular social networks did not respond to the news.

It’s funny that this is not the first case when the Union of journalists of Kazakhstan awarded with their prize of aliens. In different years, its laureates became WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange and former employee of the national security Agency, USA Edward Snowden.

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