Леонардо Ди Каприо вошел в десятку самых влиятельных людей

In the entertainment industry, Leo managed to get around such stars as brad pitt, Oprah Winfrey and Jennifer Lawrence.

The Hollywood Reporter has compiled a list of the hundred most influential people in the entertainment industry. In tenth place was the actor, producer and social activist Leonardo DiCaprio.

According to the editors of The Hollywood Reporter, DiCaprio deserved to be in the list of influential people, for several reasons: first, this year he managed to prove himself as the best actor in Hollywood (only because of his game film “Survivor” raised $532 million); second, Leo saves our Land (he does a lot in order to resolve problems of ecology on the planet).

On the first line of the rating “the Most influential people in the entertainment industry” was the President of the Walt Disney company Robert iger: on the second line – the family Murdoch: media Mogul and co-Chairman of the company 21st Century Fox Rupert Murdoch and his two sons, Lachlan and James. And finally, third place gave the journalists the head of the media company, CBS Corp. Leslie Munsu.

Among the well-known media personalities with a significant difference from DiCaprio situated Oprah Winfrey, actors brad pitt and Robert Downey Jr., actress Jennifer Lawrence, as well as Directors Steven Spielberg, James Cameron and Martin Scorsese.

By the way!

A few days ago, the media were discussing DiCaprio as the perpetrator. Andrew green, a childhood friend and a former colleague of broker Jordan Belfort, which was filmed “the Wolf of wall street,” nominated Leo charges that he, as the producer of the tape was illegally copied from an image of one of the characters. For this, the plaintiff demands from the crew compensation for moral damages in the amount of $15 million. read More HERE.

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