Анджелина Джоли продает недвижимость ради политической карьеры

For anybody not a revelation will become the first beauty of Hollywood the last few years more interested in changing the situation in the world than to work in the film industry. Recently, Jolie spoke at the state Department school, where he underlined the importance of working on the refugee problem, which at the moment there are about 65 million.

Their positions in politics and other public activities in the future Angelina plans to strengthen, so ready to go for the plunge and sell my favorite estate in France.

It is noted that this is a forced Jolie to move if she wants to build a political career in the UK. It is known that Jolie intended to take a seat in the British House of lords whose members are forbidden to have property abroad.

By the way, the position of his wife does not share her husband brad pitt. One of the reasons why he is against is the money invested in the reconstruction of the castle. It’s not one or two million. We are talking about tens.

Recall that the disagreement pairs is also based on painful thinness Jolie. Husband even made my missus an ultimatum – either she gets better, or he with her divorce.

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