Zoe Saldana is buying sons things in ladieswear

Зоуи Салдана покупает сыновьям вещи в отделе женской одежды

Another celebrity raises their children without reference to their gender. Only yesterday we reported about the son Charlize Theron Jackson, who wears dresses of the disney princesses, and today it became known that also brings up their sons and Zoe Saldana.

Together with her husband artist Marc Perego she has three sons – twins Bowie and CY, and four-month-old Xena. In a recent interview Zoe admitted that he often buys clothes for the boys. Supposedly she doesn’t care where she bought the outfit, but he liked her boys.
“My children always have the right of choice, they choose the color, the shape of the garment. I do not impose my opinion and not tell you what to wear based on gender characteristics,” said Saldanha. Her boys, for example, love to wear pink sports pants, and because she sometimes ever look at clothes for girls – suddenly there is something they will like. Zoe said with a laugh, as her sons several times mistaken for girls because of the bright outfits, and we’re preparing to see two more lads in dresses of disney princesses.