Жанна Бадоева посвятила первую татуировку дочери The presenter visited one of the saloons of Amsterdam, where she was persuaded to commit such an act. On his left wrist stars appeared the name of her daughter Lolita. According to Jeanne, she was pleased with the result, although she was very hurt.

      Жанна Бадоева посвятила первую татуировку дочери

      In the new project of TV channel “Friday!” “Dangerous tour”, which started on June 2, presenter Joan badoeva bravely agrees to the most unpredictable experiments. Such feats pushing her colleague in the show, Dylan Meat. He managed to drag Badoev to a tattoo parlor in Amsterdam, where she went with her first tattoo.

      Together with Vova Jeanne step-by-step discovers the dark side of European cities. Leading without fear visits the underground clubs looking for illegal markets and tasting forbidden food. However, all members of the crew were surprised as Vova managed to persuade Badoev such a bold move as a tattoo.

      Жанна Бадоева посвятила первую татуировку дочери

      “I’m terribly afraid of injections, my ears are still not pierced. Never saw myself with a tattoo, I desire not having something to do,” admitted Badoev.

      At the tattoo parlor Jeanne has come for the company Vova. But after twenty minutes, the presenter sat in a chair in front of the master and discussed what drawing would you make. On his left wrist Badoev decided to tattoo his daughter’s name Lolita.

      As soon as the master has decided to begin the process and took over the machine, leading to tears. Vova Meat even suggested to a colleague to cancel the procedure.

      “I honestly was ready to get up and leave. I actually came to the salon not because I wanted a tattoo and to prove Vova that I was weak, – said Jeanne. But then I realized that if I didn’t do it now, will not dare never.”

      Jeanne was very pleased with the result, although the procedure was painful. The series show “Dangerous tour”, which was shot in Amsterdam, will be shown on the channel “Friday!” June 16 at 10 PM.

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