Elena Temnikova has hinted at the imminent addition to the family

Елена Темникова намекнула на скорое пополнение в семье The singer and her husband decided not to confine itself to one child. Elena Temnikova hopes that next year she will again become a mother. The singer is happily married and plans to spend more time with family.

      Елена Темникова намекнула на скорое пополнение в семье

      Elena Temnikova is the second year married to businessman Dmitry Sergeev. Favorite male star was surrounded by her care. He has all the Affairs of the singer, developing her label and helps her in everything. They spent together almost 24 hours a day – at work and at home. “It does not bother. On the contrary, she dreams that in the future the family grew.

      Daughter Helen and Dimitri will soon be a year and a half. Temnikova tries to combine motherhood and work on new projects. All the free time she dedicates little Sasha. And soon, perhaps, will be born the second child of the stars.

      “Sasha needs a brother or sister. I think next year we will plan. I hope the daughter will not become jealous. Dream to remain children at heart. Now we want to enjoy everyday values. Spend more time with loved ones, friends, family,” – says the singer.
      Елена Темникова намекнула на скорое пополнение в семье

      Interestingly, the spouses Elena and Dmitry are very close. Even a small separation from her husband causes Temnikova sadness. The singer feels like it lacks a loved one. According to star, she and her husband belong to each other emotionally and physically.

      “I have no husband crazy! Literally suffocate, I suffocate I don’t sleep at night when he’s leaving for a few days on business, – there are times when such trips a lot. These days turn into a slow, heavy seconds, as if hammers are hitting my head. Even a little scary,” – says Temnikova.

      By the way, the family life of the singer in full swing. After the birth of her daughter in March last year, the star discovered her husband Dmitry. Sergeyev not only cares about her daughter, but she is ready for everything. Dad indulges Sasha and introduced her to the larger world. Mom, in turn, tries to be stricter for the baby to grow up well-mannered girl.

      “I affectionate mother – do not swear, and distracting. Sasha from a very young age already knows the word “no”, “no”. When I speak with her stern voice, she tries to confront me. Recently, we began to do at home in early development programmes, – Elena in interview to “Hello!” magazine. – I can say that for a month and a half we have tremendous success. Some of the exercises she likes a lot, she laughs and laughs and waits for them however, my daughter quite indifferent to mathematics. Unlike me.”

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