Эшли Симпсон и Эван Росс записывают совместный альбом

In wealth, poverty and work. Ashlee Simpson and Evan Ross began work on a joint album. About it she told Ashley in a recent interview with Entertainment.

“Evan and I are working on a joint album. Each of us working in the Studio alone, until we came up with the idea to do this together. At first it was unusual, fun and a little weird, but now we have become accustomed,” — said Simpson.
For spouses who are raising the little daughter of Jagger and seven year old son Ashley from a previous marriage, to find time for a joint campaign in the Studio difficult, however the desire to record an album together – stronger than life. Simpson admitted that it is difficult to balance between career and life, because Jagger is only ten months. The husband, according to the singer, helps her with the children, and they are happy together.
“Take care of children and their favourite thing is for me heaven on earth. My work involves a balance between work and home, which sometimes is not easy to hold. Luckily near me is a devoted loving husband, my reliable back-up and support. It really helps me” said Ashley.
According to the artist, she found herself thinking that since the birth of her daughter, only makes it that cleans the house. Small children do not leave caring mother any day. Often it is taken for cleaning through not want,” because it fears that the kids can have something dirty in his mouth.
“It’s like another of my regular job, but cleaning is not going anywhere,” complains Ashley. It seems that cleaning the house takes so much time in the singer’s life that their with Evan album there is a place song about her.

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