Джастин Бибер уходит из шоу-бизнеса

Justin Bieber failed under the burden of popularity, broke again and decided to leave show business. However, at the time.

Over the past few years behind Bieber fame is not very adequate guy. He was often involved in skirmishes with members of the press and the paparazzi, allowed himself to antics, which are not intended to the adequacy and more.

Recently Justin decided that he is still maturing and it is time for him to rethink his behavior. The singer even recorded an album and went on a world tour in support of it. However, no matter how much effort Bieber to become an adult, childhood sometimes makes itself felt. For example, recently the singer has a fight with a fan, and even said earlier that he refused to be photographed with fans, because I was tired of it.

Now the singer decided to take a break and the time away from show business to rest (and, apparently, “treat” nerves). These assumptions are confirmed close to the performer: “In the last few weeks Justin felt a tremendous psychological pressure.” An impromptu vacation Justin uses that to see the world.

“Justin still likes to write songs and perform them for the fans, but this concert tour was psychologically very difficult. He already stopped to meet with fans and take pictures with them, but still feels the pressure,” concluded the informant.

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