Земфира, Лепс и Анастейша погуляли на корпоративе Banquet and concert was held in the estate Kuskovo. To congratulate the owner of one of the largest pharmaceutical companies Alexey Repik happy birthday, and he headed a public organization with the anniversary, came about four hundred people. Entertained the guests of the festival stars of Russian and foreign show business.

      Земфира, Лепс и Анастейша погуляли на корпоративе

      With a truly Grand celebrated his birthday, the businessman from the list of Forbes Alexey Repik. August 27, he was 37 years old. Personal holiday the large businessman, the owner of a pharmaceutical company involved in the supply of medicines under government contracts, coincided with the 15th anniversary of the public organization, which he also chaired.

      So it was a double celebration that the celebrant did not spare funds, arranging an unforgettable evening for your employees and friends. The closed event took place in the Kuskovo on Saturday. Guests of Alexey Repik was delighted with the Banquet and were happy to share photos on social networks, thanks to which you can evaluate the scope and level of the corporate, combined with a birthday.

      The celebration began in the afternoon. Four hundred guests arrived at the scene of the celebration gradually, here top reception – refreshments were offered directly in the green area of the estate.

      And in the evening guests are asked to walk in a specially constructed for this occasion tent, which turned main event of the festival. Here the audience were entertained by the celebrities is an American pop singer Anastacia and the popular Italian artist Eros Ramazzotti. Among the speakers on the stage was the well-known Russian musicians, from the so-called first echelon. His vocals pleased Zemfira, which, incidentally, literally, on Friday celebrated its fortieth anniversary in a circle of close friends. The truth about Zemfira: why she lives in an empty apartment and who prepares cheesecakes

      To the applause of the audience went to the scene of Grigory Leps, Boris Grebenshchikov, Evgeny Margulis, Gosha Kutsenko, group Technology, Yulia Volkova and others. His jokes guests Alexey Repik entertained the residents of Comedy Club. Leading the festive evening was Leonid Yarmolnik, Oksana Fedorova and Tina Kandelaki.

      The triumph cost the employer tens of millions of rubles, according to Life.ru. For the rent of the venue of the celebration, customers paid about two million rubles. For the food — hot, cold and snacks — paid about five thousand per person, the total number of guests amounted to a large sum. Another forty million rubles spent on fees stars.

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