Анна Седокова показала аппетитные формы в купальнике At the moment, the artist rests in Europe, where periodically pleases lovers of spectacular photos taken on overseas resorts. Recently, Anna has shared with fans a picture in which she copies the pose of Kim Kardashian.

      33-year-old Anna Sedokova is on vacation in Europe. Company artist make her charming heiress — 11-year-old Alina and 5-year-old Monica. The singer waited a long time for his vacation. With their children she watches TV shows, taste local delicacies and, of course, a lot of tans and bathes.

      Recently Sedokova shared with fans another photo from the trip abroad. Attention fans of Anna was attracted by the unusual perspective in the picture, the actress is almost similar to the posture of the American model and reality star Kim Kardashian, exposing his ass. Followers Sedokova had seen in her microblog spicy stills, but the recent publication of celebrity has led many into a real delight. “Beautiful,” “Here’s”, “You’re beautiful”, “Very sexy”, “Me a b”, “Good”, “You’re just stunning,” wrote members of Anna. At the same time some of them found that the mother of two children can not publish such photos for everyone to see. They condemned the act Sedokova. The singer had not responded to numerous comments.

      Earlier in his “Instagrame” Anna admitted that her unusually long to be on vacation. Sedokova already can’t wait to get back to work. The actress shared with fans that she misses her colleagues and will happily plunge into shooting and concerts. That’s why, even on holiday, Anna did not stop doing things you love — she has been creating songs for a new album.

      “To be honest, I think that I’m ever so long a rest. Unusual and already want to work. You know that autumn will be a very challenging concert schedule for the days shooting is appointed to December , but still madly miss your team in favorite work. Tomorrow I will get up early and finish another track for the new album. And yet .. Believe in miracles and they’ll happen”, — said Sedokova on his page in the social network.

      By the way, recall that in mid-August, the singer released a new track “I will.” It Sedokova says that leaves her past behind and be happy, no matter what. It is expected that the video for the track will appear in early September.

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