Почему олимпийские чемпионы расстаются с дорогими подарками Not all athletes sit behind the wheel of new cars, presented to them for high achievements at the Games, and spend impressive size cash prizes for themselves. Some winners prefer to sell the car, and then decide where to spend the proceeds. “StarHit” remembered a number of examples where athletes were forced to do so.

      Почему олимпийские чемпионы расстаются с дорогими подарками

      Russia has a tradition of providing incentives to athletes who won prizes at the Olympic games. This year players were given a BMW different series, a cash prize (the amount of which reached 4 million rubles) and a medal (for first place was also awarded the order). Most regions also further congratulated the Champions, giving them apartments, cars and even life of the grant.

      Many participants (according to the journalists, their third of all Olympians) really proud of gifts from the state and are happy to go on donated cars. However, do not all. “StarHit” learned of athletes who have decided not to use expensive gifts and why.

      Olympics 2016: why we will never forget

      The scandal around the white BMW

      A couple of days ago on the website auto.ru there was an announcement about the sale of BMW X6 white color. It was alleged that the car — a gift for the Olympic gold medal obtained in Olympic games in Rio. Among the other advantages of cars called its options and characteristics.

      “The machine issued by the President of Russia Vladimir Putin! For achievements at the Olympic games in Rio in 2016, to be exact, for the Olympic gold! The car is new! xDrive 3.5 diesel, 306 l/s, completing luxury. The car is insured, bargaining is strictly in the bonnet to help the sale of cars don’t need, the price — 4,670 million rubles,” — an announcement appeared on the website dedicated to selling cars.

      Reporters contacted the seller and asked him why the car is for sale. It turned out that the cars were quick to get rid of the girl-a synchronized swimmer, recently received law. According to the author of the ad, the champion really liked the BMW, but sitting behind the wheel, she realized that she would not be able to manage it. The athlete even could not go donated her car from the Kremlin. Her friend Catherine volunteered to help her to realize the junk car.

      The “athlete rights only a few months ago and got with this machine simply will not cope. Even from the Kremlin the car overtook the driver. Also this car is not needed. Family simple — family used to travel by buses and trolleybuses. Need more apartments, not cars,” — said the author of the ad to reporters.

      Few days later the announcement appeared to mark the fact that the BMW buyer is found.

      The news that an athlete sells luxury gift from the state, stirred up the public. The Network began to actively discuss the act of synchronised swimmers is unknown.

      In turn, two-time Olympic champion Maxim Trankov stood up for his colleague and noted that not everyone can afford to maintain an expensive foreign car. The athlete also said that he, too, sold a gift from the state.

      “The contents can not afford everything! Sell and then take the car more modest. That’s all. By the way, is also sold, if that,” wrote figure skater Maxim Trankov in his microblog.

      In defense of synchronized swimmers, who decided to put BMW on sale, and expressed high jumper, Olympic champion in London Anna Chicherova. “I wouldn’t have anyone to blame because it’s a private matter. Of course, this personalized gift is a reminder of the Olympics. Our stay what’s going on here, I would not someone to upbraid. I, personally, also its a big car for the Olympics in London had to sell it because I with such dimensions ruled… Although the machine from Beijing so far I have,” said Chicherova media representatives.

      “Mercedes GL” Alexey Volkov

      In 2014, biathlete Alexey Volkov received the gold medal at the Olympics in Sochi “Mercedes GL”, which is worth several million rubles. However, the wolves sold presented to Dmitry Medvedev a Mercedes. Half the proceeds from the sale of car amount the champion has gained supported by “Porsche-Panamera” is an unusual color. New car Volkov color blue chrome cost him two times cheaper than the cost of a Mercedes. In his interview Alex admitted that even was not thinking about selling an expensive gift. According to Volkov, he just decided to buy another brand of car.

      “Mercedes GL” Ekaterina Bobrova

      Ekaterina Bobrova, Olympic champion in the team competition skaters that competed at the Games in Sochi in a duet with Dmitry Solovyov, sold his Mercedes to help sick children. The athlete put the car premium to the auction, and the proceeds from the sale money transferred to charity Fund. When Catherine refused to comment on the act that the public didn’t regard it as a PR stunt. Later in an interview, Catherine told the journalists about the reasons that prompted her to realize the car.

      “Donated for gold in the team tournament “Mercedes GL” I sold. Too big for my car. Three rows of seats, seven seats, a huge trunk… And in the maintenance of this SUV is pretty costly. I am very grateful for this gift – we didn’t even believe when I found out that we are going to present for the victory in Sochi! But I for such a large car was not ready”, — explained his action by Ekaterina Bobrova.

      “Mercedes GL” Alexey Nepodailo

      In 2015 on one of their portals dedicated to selling cars in Irkutsk, there was an announcement, which the author claimed that part with the Olympic “Mercedes”. Local journalists immediately saw through the identity of the owner of a foreign car, because this car was in town only one. It turned out that the government presented “Mercedes” wants bobsledder Alexey Nepodailo. In 2014 he became the Olympic champion.

      The local media was surprised, why would it suddenly Nepodailo to sell the car. They remembered that once an athlete even began studies at the driving school to skate on the new car. But to review Nepodailo not turned bobsledder refused to explain the reason for his action. Apparently, the champion managed to find a buyer. On the website ad says that the Olympic Mercedes sold.

      Audi A8 Alexei Obmochaev

      The champion of the Games of the XXX Olympiad in London I bought a car to triumph at sporting events. Therefore, the presented state machine has decided to give his brother Alexander living in Yekaterinburg. However, he decided to implement it for 3,95 million. Local journalists Alexander said that he is very expensive to maintain foreign car. Alex offered him help, but the man refused, as Audi and so luxurious gift, and he was ashamed to take money from the athlete. The very selling a car he had previously discussed with his famous brother.

      Audi A6 Yulia Efimova

      Two-time silver medalist at the Games in Rio Yuliya Efimova lives in America. In 2012, she was given a “Audi A6” for the bronze medal, received by results of the Olympic games in London. The swimmer decided to sell the car, is motivat it with that it makes her uncomfortable to carry a foreign car in the US. Instead, Efimova decided to buy a car abroad, spending vehicle money raised from the sale of an expensive gift. Then, by the way, one of the players of our national team, also put up for auction “Audi A8”, received “gold”.

      Yuliya Efimova can return to live in Russia

      BMW X5 Alexey Tishchenko

      Two-time Olympic champion, completed his career in 2011, also published the announcement of the sale donated to the government of the BMW. Car Tishchenko received in 2008, after the triumph at the Games in Beijing. Alex even made her a unique aerographic image of the fight and the Olympic rings. Implement car boxer wanted for 2.5 million rubles, and, according to experts, it was quite adequate for a collectors price. The money Tishchenko was planning to spend on the construction of the house and the election campaign on a post of the Deputy of Legislative Assembly of Omsk region. However, after some time, Alex decided to go into politics and left the car yourself.

      Почему олимпийские чемпионы расстаются с дорогими подарками

      Award Of Anton Shipulin

      Olympic champion 2014 and was previously involved in charity work, so the news that a portion of his monetary prize will go to the Fund to support sports in the Sverdlovsk region, did not surprise anyone. By the way, the initiator of the organization made himself Shipulin, so she called his name.

      The other part of the sum donated by the state athlete, went to buy a new car for his parents. Shipulin bought them new Toyota Land Cruiser Prado. Equipment and model cars Anton chose himself, wanting to surprise loved ones. At first they refused the gift of the son, but the champion managed to persuade them to take the car.

      By the way, himself the veteran in April this year I bought a minivan of Volkswagen, which was shared with subscribers of your “Instagram”. The purchase of large cars is due to the completion of the family — at the end of last year, wife Shipulina gave him an heir.

      The House Of Viktor Ahn

      A Korean athlete, won in 2011 the Russian citizenship, is a six-time absolute world champion and the champion of the Olympic games the number of gold medals in short track. Last year in the press appeared information about the fact that Viktor Ahn was put up for sale his luxury home in Novogorsk, given to him by the Ministry of physical culture, sport and youth Affairs of the Moscow region. It was reported that the athlete is planning to get him two million dollars. The news stirred the public, they say for some reason, the most decorated short-track racer in the world decided to leave home.

      After some time, the journalists managed to contact Viktor Ahn and ask him about real estate. Surprised, the athlete told them that it is not planning to leave the mansion and house in Novogorsk it completely satisfied.

      As it turned out later, the information about the alleged sale of the house Ana was a marketing ploy of one real estate Agency. The fact is that when it’s time to give Victor’s mansion, it still was not finished repair. To still hold the event to the press, in the Union of concubines devised such a course — the media took a picture of a champion in someone else’s house, rented for a single day. Later the owner decided to part with the housing, which received wide publicity in the press thanks to the resourcefulness of PR.

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