Zaytsev sisters scandal on the set of the show Shepeleva

Сестры Зайцевы устроили скандал на съемках шоу Шепелева The singer took part in the conflict on the set. They are offended by artist Konstantin Miroshnik for his harsh statements. The man claims that they beat him. The sisters don’t agree with his words.

Sisters Zaytsev took part in filming one of the shows “reality”. One of the Studio guests was the artist Konstantin Miroshnik. He was overly critical of the singers. As previously said Anastasia Volochkova, one of the sisters splashed Miroshnik in the face with a glass of water. The man sharply expressed in the address of Tatiana Zaitseva. In particular, he felt that she paid insufficient attention to his son Alex. A young man was killed in the fall of 2015.

“Alex just did not get enough attention: since childhood, he was lonely! – said Konstantin. – Became interested in parkour because to prove “Yes I can!” He did, and from the bridge jumped on the roof of the train too. He was weak and helpless in fact, insecure. And they are being absolutely selfish ladies who love only themselves and money, did not notice how lost the boy’s upbringing. In the last days of his life he was actually homeless: sleep in the garage, he didn’t have money to recharge your mobile phone. But this time they chose a new coat for shopping,” said Constantine.

The artist added that Alexis had a problem with his wife. His remarks outraged women. Says Miroschnik, she pounced on him with fists.

“I tried to Dodge, but failed. Later, the time has come again. I stood up properly, thought a slap in the face wants to give. No – she dragged me by the scruff to the center of the Studio. In an instant they both began to shake me. So mentally grabbed by the hair, what kind of mother must be so cuddled up! The pain was sharp, but I tolerated it. Thought: “the Main thing is not to push them away, then I’m not accused”. Patted me sister quite a long time. All the people gasped. And they are happy as elephants. I tore handfuls of hair and calmly sat down to their places”, – said the artist.

The sisters claim that no physical abuse was not. “We never pugnacious, he was not. He asked for it, here and received. But Anastasia Volochkova suppose, too, knows what he says. We just defended their rights, gave her verbal resistance, as is customary in show business,” – said the singer’s “Companion”.