Николь Кузнецова разводится с супругом The star of “the battle of psychics” took off his wedding ring. Nicole Kuznetsova left in a sad Instagram post in hastahah which gave to understand that parting with her husband. Clairvoyant refuses to comment on the discord in the family.

The star of “the battle of psychics” Nicole Kuznetsova shared a sad poem on your personal page on the social network. Witch posted a video from backstage of the photo shoot, and the caption hinted that starting a new life. In hastahah Nicole left the word “divorce”.

Want peace. Want of comfort.
I’m leaving you to yourself
To yourself, not to someone.
Time passes, and with it,
Touched the soul and again it misses.
Give each other the don’t blame
That we are both incorrigible.
I wasn’t looking for you return,
And I don’t need anybody.
I’m leaving you with anyone
I’m going to be free.

Fans surprised by this sad post. They tried to find out what happened in her family. Just recently, Nicole and Alexander was happy we went with the children on holiday and spent a lot of time together. Followers excited about what is happening in your personal life clairvoyant. “Don’t even want to believe it. I hope that things will get better”, “Very worried for you, love”, “How so? Recently everything was fine,” wrote in the comments Kuznetsova.

Nicole herself and her husband Alexander refused to comment about the divorce. It is known that Kuznetsova took off his wedding ring. However, just a week ago Nicole admitted her feelings toward her husband.

“I love you. I know, feel with every cell of his body and soul. I love you. I say these words constantly, like a mantra, believing that they protect you from all evil and evil, protect and help you. All the power of my feelings, desires, aspirations – in three simple words,” wrote Smith.

Earlier, Nicole was already problems in the relationship with her husband. “Now we have a difficult period and I’m not ready to discuss it,” said the witch. Kuznetsova have always had good relations with her husband. “I never jealous, we trust each other. I never sorrowful spouse, not to allow myself to bring home flowers from another man,” said the woman.