Зейн Малик согласился дать Джиджи Хадид второй шанс

Parting Gigi Hadid, and Zayn Malik upset many people. This pair of young and talented people seemed harmonious and almost perfect.

It was reported that the initiator of the breakup was a former member of One Direction who broke his girlfriend’s heart right during a romantic dinner.

23-year-old musician threw Hadid three weeks after the birthday Gigi. He invited her to a romantic dinner in one of restaurants of Los Angeles, and said that he wanted to devote more time to her career and an affair with a beautiful girl takes him too much time.

Today close to a pair of the informant said that Zane and Gigi decided to give their relationship a second chance and now were back together.

“Now everything is back to normal,” says the informant. – They are young, because with ease will cope with it”.

Another source claims that Gigi, who is just crazy about Malik, persuaded him to give her a second chance.

“Gigi is obsessed with it. Just so she won’t give up and won’t let him go,” said the insider.


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