Яна Рудковская поделилась подробностями самочувствия Евгения Плющенко после операции на позвоночнике

On account of the Olympic champion Evgeny Plushenko several surgeries and difficult recovery periods. However, every time an athlete stood up and walked to their goal, often through the pain.

Recently, Plushenko underwent another operation on the spine, which turned out to be as easy as the other. The period of full recovery in this regard may be delayed. To make this time more noticeable to yourself, Eugene along with his wife Yana Rudkovskaya and children went to travel. The family plans to visit Cuba and Brazil.

On his return to the sport is that speech can not be. At least, says Rudkovskaya, to perform on the ice his famous “coats” Eugene will not until July.

“Now is not a question, whether will return the husband to the sport or not. More likely to ask: “will the health him to do it?” Because the fifteenth operation was given to him very hard. He could not sleep, always wore a corset. But he was strong and did it!” — commented on the state of her husband Ian.

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