Ник Кэннон рассказал, что он делает, чтобы сорвать свадьбу Мэрайи Кери с миллиардером

Wedding Mariah Carey and billionaire James Packer was to be held this summer, but due to unforeseen complications, celebration postponed indefinitely.

This “complication” was the current husband, the sweet singer Nick cannon, who makes everything possible myself, so the wedding did not take place. At least in certain of herself Mariah, who claims that her “blessed” refuses to sign the divorce papers.

Causes of failure cannon is not called. It seems strange, moreover, that the initiator of the divorce was just a man. Obviously, he had no idea that the singer wish to finish what he started. The couple does not live together since August 2014, since December of the same year they are in the divorce process. Why Nick does not want to put a dot and hinders personal happiness to my better half, remains unknown.

Today, the TV host commented on the charges that for several weeks, spilling into his address and noted that delay the divorce process, he has nothing and is ready to sign the papers right here and now, because she “wishes of happiness Mariah”.

“There is nothing to comment on…Mariah is living separately from each other. Why not delay the divorce process? I want her to be happy. She is a person with a beautiful soul. The only thing I care about is children,” said Nick in an interview with reporters.

Most likely, Mariah and Nick just can’t settle the question of custody of twins Monroe and Marakkanam. I wonder, will they be able to resolve the conflict to the planned wedding of Keri and packer?


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