Алла Пугачёва отдала внучатого племянника отцу

Auntie did their job, aunt may go. Alla Pugacheva several years was guardian of the son of his stupid nephew Vlad. While the young people get rid of drug dependence and corrected pretty spoiled health, his young son Jack lived with the family of the driver of the prima Donna, who adopted the child as my own.

Year it took Vlad to literally stand up – he was paralyzed because of improper administration of drugs. The course of recovery is the nephew of Alla was held in Israel – famous aunt found him a good specialists, who were engaged in the health of men. In particular, Vlad had surgery on Achilles tendons. At first, the Man was bedridden, then wheelchair-bound, and now he has all chances for a normal life – he moves on his own two.
Last month Jack, who all this time lived in the country, went to rest at sea, and after a few weeks I will move to my dad’s new apartment in Moscow, which gave Alla Borisovna.
“Vlad terribly missed her son, now plans to find a job to support herself and child” — said a friend of Vlad.
With the child’s mother divorced the man (rumor has it, insisted on it Diva). Now he meets with Catherine, my old friend. She even flew him to Israel. In the near future, the couple plan to get married.

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