Зара показала сына погибшей Стеллы Барановской
Singer supports the family of the boy after the tragedy.

Zara son Stella Baranovskaya

Photo: @zara_music Instagram Zara

Today Zara has published in social networks a picture of son who died from severe disease of Stella Baranovskaya. Daniel worried about the fate of a large number of Network users. Due to the issues of “live” viewers were aware of the difficult family circumstances of Stella, as well as scandal associated with her illness. After the death Baranovskaya boy lived in the home of Zara, but then it took custody of the mother Baranovskaya.

“I am often asked about the Child, the son of Stella Baranovskaya. Today I met up with him and his grandmother Larisa, to congratulate them happy New year. Grandma talked a lot about her grandson and, of course, about Stella. I see that the Child grows big well done: walking in a garden, engaged in theatre Studio, karate, swimming and very good draws. Trying not to upset the grandmother and helps her around.

Sure sure Stella would be proud of his son. In Danya so much energy, he is open to new things and very inquisitive. Often asks about my mother. Now he knows for sure that mom is in heaven and she will be back, but now she has a lot of work. After all, the angels work harder than anyone else, that we, the people lived happier and calmer.

I also gave gifts from their sons, who became very attached to the Child. Guys miss each other – we are looking forward to his visit.My dear ones, appreciate every moment allotted to us by fate… don’t waste time on grudges and squabbles, learn to forgive and appreciate each other. Life is sometimes amazingly unfair and fleeting!” — said Zara.