The wife of actor Eduard Izotov of “Morozko” blames himself for the death of her husband

Жена актера Эдуарда Изотова из «Морозко» винит себя в гибели мужа Inga Budkevich, the first wife of the actor who played the role of Ivan in the famous fairy tale, was one of the heroines of the new edition of “Hello Andrew!”. The actress recalled how and why he died.
Жена актера Эдуарда Изотова из «Морозко» винит себя в гибели мужа

A new edition of the program “Hello, Andrew!” dedicated to Soviet fairy tales, which grew more than one generation. In the Studio of TV channel “Russia 1” Andrey Malakhov invited the actors who starred in the legendary movies, and talked about how the shooting took place and how their life has developed.

Among the films, without which it is hard to imagine winter holidays in the Soviet student, of course, a good fairy tale “Morozko” of the famous Director Alexander Rowe. The main role in the film played by 15-year-old aspiring ballerina Natalia Sedykh – she played her, and one of the most brilliant actors of his generation, Eduard Izotov.

About the fate of “narcissistic widow’s son” Ivan told his first wife, actress Inga Budkevich. In that moment, when the movie was shot, they were married, they grow a little daughter Veronica. Budkevich was here film-tale, but not because of jealousy to the actress who performed the role of the beloved Ivan Gray. Although, as admitted Budkevich, she knew that Natalia was in love with her handsome husband.

Жена актера Эдуарда Изотова из «Морозко» винит себя в гибели мужа“Natasha Sedykh was in love with Edward, she fell in love with him weird, the first time in my life. But she was little, she’s 15 years old it was just. He was very good, sang beautifully, he was a true baritone, as they say, his voice was sex. We met when he studied at VGIK, and already in the second year married. Secretly, because his parents, or rather his mother was against it,” said the actress.
Жена актера Эдуарда Изотова из «Морозко» винит себя в гибели мужа

However, after 24 years of marriage, in 1980, Inga and Edward divorced. Three years later, then a very successful actor Izotova was arrested for illegal currency operations, later he, along with his second wife Irina Ladyzhensky was convicted. His first wife Inga Budkevich remembers it with undisguised sadness, and in the program Andrei Malakhov, the actress admitted that she feels guilty and still loves her first husband.

“He was so honest, pure, decent, and sat for the currency. They took him because he went and changed them thousands of dollars and some gold coins. By the time we were already divorced. He and his second wife wanted the country to build, and that money went to change. He was given three years and all life had ended. Fool. He failed to survive it. He was dying. Came out angry and one stroke, two, three. I love him very much. I am guilty very of course, if not dispersed, it was not used this, and he would not have died,” – said Budkevich.

After serving his term of punishment, Eduard Izotov continued to work, but had suffered multiple strokes and after some time began to lose memory, forget the text, so the theater had to leave. My life Izotov, a famous Ivan from “Morozko”, graduated in psycho-neurological boarding house closed in 2003.

Жена актера Эдуарда Изотова из «Морозко» винит себя в гибели мужа

However, despite the sad notes, the release of “Hello, Andrew!” was very touching. The actors, who starred in Soviet fairy tales, most of them lived a happy life, and many are still actively working. For all of them shooting children’s films for life were the most vivid memories. Some of them during the filming of the movie first love.

Elena Proklova – the famous Gerda from “the Snow Queen” in the Studio of Andrey Malakhov told about how he had a crush on the performer as storyteller Valery Nikitenko. People’s artist of Russia, Nikitenko jokingly laments: “what are you, Lena, for so many years silent”.

Жена актера Эдуарда Изотова из «Морозко» винит себя в гибели мужа

The role of the Queen in another favorite movie, the tale “Twelve months” Liana Zhvaniya said that during filming, fell in love with her son Samuil Marshak – Immanuel. “Yes, he wrote me letters. Rather, we texted. But it was a Platonic love. He’s 60, I – 20,” shared the actress.

The other artist, but a small part of the month of March in the same film, Alexander Gavrilov, told a funny story told that people are still watching the film, and it will. “A couple of years ago got the surgery. Lie, I depart from anesthesia and suddenly the surgeon said: “the stick was true?!” Say – “What staff?”. And he told me, “Well, you have to be “Twelve months” knock”, – said the actor.

Жена актера Эдуарда Изотова из «Морозко» винит себя в гибели мужа

A separate block of the program Andrew is dedicated to the memory of Valentina Leontyeva, inviting in the Studio of her grandson – Valentina Vinogradova, named after a famous grandmother. The boy now looks Soviet children’s films, what did not hesitate to confess.