Yuri Nikolaev fears of cancer recurrence

Юрий Николаев боится рецидива рака A few years ago the TV presenter put a disappointing diagnosis. Yuri Nikolaev admitted that it was difficult to come to terms with serious illness. However, he continued to work and lead a normal lifestyle.
Юрий Николаев боится рецидива рака

In the mid-2000s, the famous TV host Yuri Nikolaev was diagnosed with cancer. He admits that the news was a strong blow for him. It was difficult to come to terms with the diagnosis. However, the presenter was able to face dangerous diseases and together with the doctor began to struggle with cancer. Now Yuri says that he experienced upon discovering the disease. Yuri Nikolaev about his illness: “I’m scared”

“At first I was in shock. Then I was able to gather and send all the power to restore health,” – said the presenter.
Юрий Николаев боится рецидива рака

Despite the difficult medical treatments, Nikolaev did not allow himself to relax and to discontinue work. At that time he was involved in the popular project “Dances on ice”. Some time after the operation he appeared on the set and along with co-presenter Anastasia Zavorotnyuk worked many hours recording live.

Юрий Николаев боится рецидива рака“I completely rule out the possibility of a pause: so many people involved, and they will wait, – says Yuri. Now think: what need was there this heroism? Health is all that should be in the first place. With all my love to the profession”.

Nikolaev did not deny that it was difficult to cope with this difficult situation. Despite the fact that the presenter was twice married and has no children. Yuri loves his students with whom I worked through the project “Morning star”. He admits that many have kept good relations, but because they often offered their help. However, the famous TV presenter solve their problems alone.

Now Nikolaev regularly turns to doctors to be diagnosed. He understands that it is better to prevent the disease at an early stage than to fight a neglected disease. In his opinion, it is necessary to know everything about their diagnosis, but not to surrender to despair.

“It is important that he [the patient] right attitude towards it, not discouraged. Life goes on, there are happy ends, it’s not just words, to reassure. But desperation can worsen the situation,” admitted Yuri in an interview with “Antenna-Telesem”.