Husband disappeared participants “House-2”: “Mary took from the house the potent pills”

Муж исчезнувшей участницы «Дома-2»: «Маша забрала из дома сильнодействующие таблетки» Civilian spouse of Maria Natalia Politov said “StarHit” that the girl was suffering from a mental disorder and had been taking medication. Missing Masha is gone, and medications. The information that the former participant of the reality left home and never came back, at this moment spreads like wild-fire on social networks.

On Wednesday, in the accounts of ex-heroine of the popular reality 30-year-old Maria Natalia Politov – Instagram, Facebook – message, compiled by her boyfriend Artem Usov Shnurovym. Beloved Masha wrote that she disappeared, leaving behind a mobile phone.

The former participant “Houses-2” Maria Politova mysteriously disappeared

The guy called everyone who knows anything about the whereabouts of his wife, to write his messengers. “And this is no joke,” explained Shnurov.

We caught up with Artem for details. The guy very strongly and sincerely worried about the fate of the girl.

“Mary left home at the [Moscow] address Krutitskaya naberejnaya, 15 in the first half of the day 4 December, told in an exclusive interview with “StarHit” the civil husband. Prior to that, she called my mom – were going to go to her.”

But then, according to wife Mary, the girl sent several strange text message in which he wrote that he changed his mind and would not come. And after that disappeared altogether. What could happen?

“Mary has bipolar disorder with depressive moments, – says Artem. – She drank antidepressants. All the pills from the house disappeared. The worst thing is that one day, before meeting with me, Masha, in a conversation with a friend described this version of events: she takes the drugs and leaves somewhere in the forest.”

The police Artem gave a detailed description of the clothes and shoes, which were Politova: “Dark jacket, gray pants, silver sneakers, a little black bag…”. However, the search for Mary still did not succeed. “It’s time to contact Moscovy squad “Lisa Alert”!”, – write in social networks concerned with the disappearance of Natalia Politov Internet users.

Specify that Mary participated in the reality show “Dom-2” three times – in 2006, in 2007 and 2010. more recently, she worked as a makeup artist, model, artist. “Worldview “catism” – ironically described himself Politova on Instagram.

“StarHit” closely monitoring the developments. Read about the fate of the heroine on our website.

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