Yuri Loza said Kirkorov and Baskov after controversial statements about the Western stars

Юрий Лоза похвалил игру Киркорова и Баскова после скандальных высказываний о западных звездах
The musician came on the Radio “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

Yuri Loza


Yuri Loza was a guest of the first edition of “the Well” on the Radio “Komsomolskaya Pravda”. After the scandalous statements that the Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin can’t sing and play, the musician praised the play of Philip Kirkorov and Nikolai Baskov.

In the Network on the Vine a barrage of criticism: the singer was accused that he has no right to judge such a legendary band. “The fact that I’m asked, I answer. Well don’t ask then. But you asked for my opinion and then you say: who are you? You asked me: what do you think? I say, and you say, what right do you have to have an opinion? That’s just stupid!” – said on air Vine.

The musician admitted that “emotionally The Rolling Stones doing their thing”: “That old boys who live about the same status, in one form, in one technical equipment. It’s exactly the same thing!”.
However, the jury praised the domestic colleagues, “And Kirkorov and Basque, they’re all great recorded. From the point of view of sound done right. Sergey Kolesnikov writes lolita is so simple for some devices that there just hear them. It sounds simple on the level of world standards!”.

In conversation with the leading singer has acted with criticism of the popular show “the Voice”: “it turns Out in the show “the Voice” man, sings the song “Dark night” Theology. Say: as he sang, he was swell. But I have long on stage, I know it’s 896-e performance of the song “Dark night” that I heard. Than it is better than 572-e, I don’t know. I know the Theological great composer who wrote it. And so for me these the other day absolutely uninteresting. When I say: the girl sings like Whitney Houston I Whitney Houston and you know how to sing. If it copies something… You create something of my own, do something original, so it was interesting. I’m not interested in listening to these day, I heard it all in the originals. Me comparison it was nothing. The program “the Voice” was so beaten up, worn abroad, it was sold for 3 kopecks, so we took it. There are painted all – the jury and how to respond, where to clap, where’s your mouth open”.

Recall that just last week, Oleg Gazmanov supported George Vines in discussions of Western music.

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