Grandmother of Ivan Urgant considers him a “fantastic guy”

Бабушка Ивана Урганта считает его «сказочным парнем» People’s artist of the RSFSR sincerely happy for the success of his grandson, although he sometimes is still a baby. Nina plans today to raise a glass to the health of Ivan and to prepare delicious dishes, because the 16 April, the TV host turned 38 years old.

      Бабушка Ивана Урганта считает его «сказочным парнем»

      86-the summer national actress Nina Urgant, the legendary actress of theater and film, celebrates the birthday of her famous grandson — TV presenter Ivan Urgant. On this occasion Nina will lay a festive table and will raise a glass to the health of America.

      As reported by the artist to the journalists, she congratulated Ivan Urgant with the holiday over the phone. Grandma showman called him the morning to be among the first who did it. Nina admits that, even a little worried: what if she’ll Wake grandson in the morning of the day, at a time when he slept after a hard working week and daily shootings? However, all went well result.

      Popular actress for her grandson will forever remain what he was in childhood, even before he became one of the most famous TV presenters of the country. Nina Urgant told journalists that Ivan sometimes she still seems like a teenager, despite the fact that he is today, April 16, was thirty-eight years.

      However, Nina, sincerely happy for the successes of Ivan Urgant. After all, he’s not just a showman, but also the owner of prestigious awards, as well as a theater and film actor, model family man and style icon for many glossy magazines.

      “I think that Ivan is an amazing person, gave the Lord his God with beauty, talent and kindness. A fabulous boy, such are born once in a century. I am proud of my grandson, he is constantly working as Papa Carlo. But joy this man brings me nothing, says Nina Nikolevna. — To be honest, I was afraid to call today, to Wake Vanya – you know how much it is loaded. Sometimes I forget that Ivan is a Mature man. It seems to me that he was 17 years old, and he’s already 38 today, but I still treat him like a child.”

      According to Nina Urgant, now her grandson together with his wife and children in the suburbs. Then, when Ivan returns to Moscow, he will arrange a feast on the occasion of her birthday for family and close friends in Moscow, said the actress “Radio Baltika”.

      Ivan Urgant was born April 16, 1978 in Leningrad, the son of actor and showman Andrey Urgant and theatre actress Valerie Kiseleva. The first program, led by Ivan, was called the “St. Petersburg courier”, it was on the Fifth channel. At different times Urgant worked on MTV Russia TV Channel “Russia”. Now he is the permanent host of “Gusto” and “Evening Urgant” on channel one. During his television career Urgant has received six awards TEFI. Among his film credits — roles in the films “Vysotsky. Thank God I’m alive” and “Three and Snezhinka”, Urgant also played in the theater, he played the role of Savva Vasilkov in the play “Mad money” of the Moscow Theatre of Pushkin.

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