Юрий Лоза вмешался в скандал Земфиры с Монеточкой и Гречкой
The unhappy musician and a rock star, young singers.

Monetochka, Buckwheat, Zemfira

Yuri Loza —
we do not doubt — do not stay aside from the main scandal yesterday:
a bold statement Zemfira to the young singers of Moniecki and Buckwheat. Rock star
wrote in the Internet that both girls are mediocre, their songs, voices and looks are not
meet her notions of a real artist.

“I will tell
opinion. Buckwheat — very bad. Horrible voice and looks. Is difficult to perceive –
not able to sing, the lyrics are not convinced, well, very ugly. Monetochka — excellent
lyrics! Looks fine unlike the buckwheat, but the voice is disgusting
vocal timbre is the same tool if it is pleasant, you can sing nonsense.
Example: Zhanna Aguzarova. Good luck to both,” – said Zemfira in one of social networks.

Yuri Loza,
popcorn watching any scandals, said that he was not
knows songs of Moniecki and Buckwheat, and Ramazanova, in his opinion, not rock, but just
“bytovuha”, which is far from his work.

“I far
Zemfira and I even more distant and Buckwheat, and Monetochka. Buckwheat, I generally listen to
I will not. I actually ate it all my life. And Zemfira’s not rock, it’s a domestic. Name
Buckwheat suggests that the person is not very good with taste. You
products to make yourself an alias. Monetochka, judging by the name, is underworld
music, chanson. Prison this one here, of all Moniecki, and so on,” — said