Брат Меган Маркл обвинил членов королевского семейства в травле сестры
Native Megan, it seems, conspired to spoil her life.

Брат Меган Маркл обвинил членов королевского семейства в травле сестры

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry


Thomas Markle with a friend


Meghan Markle, a new scandal erupted, this time the culprit was her brother Thomas
Markle, Jr. He wrote a letter to Queen Elizabeth, in which he suggests
“stop torturing his sister” and “don’t let her go to the grave prematurely, as
Princess Diana”.

the message that appeared in a publication radaronline.com Thomas
wrote the other day. He began his address, said that “Megan
unhappy, she lives in the Palace as prisoner, and her trying to turn into
zombies.” But he didn’t stop. Thomas called the culprits allegedly
the plight of the sisters, accusing Prince Charles and his wife Camilla in
they “expose Megan to harassment”. He stated that he was “painful to watch
crumbling her dreams” and expressed concern that the nurse “may not withstand such

letter from Thomas Markle Jr., although impressive, are not surprising. After the wedding Megan
with the Prince all the relatives of the newly minted Duchess of Sussex, as if
agreed, ruining her life. First, the father of Megan, came to her
the wedding under the pretext of the disease, said
he sees in her eyes and the smile that his daughter is unhappy. He blamed it on the Royal
family. Then the sister of the Duchess —
Samantha collapsed on itself Megan,
alleging illness of his father and said, “if he dies, she will be the culprit
his death.” Many are now starting to wonder whether it was sick
Thomas senior. After all, he now looks remarkably well.

The letter of the brother, Megan Elizabeth was not the first message,
addressed to the members of the Royal family. So, shortly before the wedding, he
wrote to Prince Harry, imploring him to cancel the wedding with Megan. And then he
cared not about the sister, who now supposedly want to protect. Thomas Jr.
accused Megan of selfishness and hypocrisy, and claimed that she does not like
Harry… most Likely, all the relatives of the Duchess she just desperately jealous
so try a little bit to spoil her happiness.