Юрий Лоза обвиняет наставников «Голоса» в фальши Famous singer erupted with criticism of the music contest. Yuri Loza stated that the jury of “the Voice” is unprofitable to promote the emergence of new stars on the stage, because those can take away their bread.

      Last week on the First channel kicked off the fifth anniversary season of “the Voice”. The popular music competition every year is gaining momentum. Many participants of the show have become real stars, however, not all of them were among the winners. For example, Nargiz Zakirova was a finalist on the show, and the leader of the “Therr Maitz Anton Belyaev reached only the semi-finals.

      Meanwhile, the famous singer Yuri Loza does not believe “the Voice” forge talents. The author of the hit “the Raft of critical comments on the popular show. Singer believes that mentors show there is no benefit to discover new stars, because they themselves still Shine in the sky of show business. We will remind, this year the chairs of the jury sitting Polina Gagarina, Dima Bilan, Leonid Agutin and Grigory Leps.

      “When Polina Gagarina says that someone has an interesting voice, she’s lying. Like any other actress, a pop artist, she’s not interested instead in corporate Anadyr went here the girl, which she so admires. Therefore, everything is done so that the strong blow is strong, everything is planned. Because she need to go to Anadyr to earn money. When I say that I sincerely rejoice that the rising new generation… This new generation will push them” – says Yuri Loza.

      Interestingly, criticism of the musician, who recently spoke about many artists, including foreign, applies not only to mentors of “the Voice”, but the very concept of the show. Yuri is not like that in a music competition singers remake famous songs. According to Vines, it is impossible to assess the personality and talent of a man who takes another hit.

      On a small raft: the most scandalous remarks Yuri Loza

      “We are used European, American materials. All that we have, these “Battle of the choirs” with the “Dolphins” have all been used. We will use this until we can actually stimulate your own creativity. People to come with their interesting material, their vision of the world” – concludes Yuri Loza in an interview with “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.