Михаил Гребенщиков готовится громко заявить о себе Singer of the hit “dancing-obnimancy” launches a new project. A graduate of the first season of “American idol” is preparing a surprise for their fans. Michael Grebenshchikov after the success of the musical show did not stay long in show business.

      Michael Grebenshchikov became known for its participation in the first season of the project “Factory of stars”. A young man with a bright and memorable appearance almost immediately attracted the attention of the public. The aspiring singer is so pleased all fans of music shows that in the end the audience vote, he managed to take third place. The hit “Dance obnimancy” has long been a peculiar business card of the artist.

      Gradually, however, thank Michael began to fade. He stopped recording songs, producing music videos and appearing on television. Now, Grebenshikov is known as the DJ and art Director of the club. Only occasionally it flashed in the TV series and released songs in duet with other musicians.

      Apparently, 40-year-old actor has not ceased to dream about the scene and now prepares for his fans a surprise that, in his opinion, would enjoy unprecedented popularity.

      “A new project M. I. S. H. A. – soon in all ears of the world,” wrote Michael in his microblog and published a photo along with six musicians.

      Grebenshchikov was not informed, what will surprise fans, thereby leaving the intrigue.

      Probably Grebenshchikov nostalgic for the days when he regularly appeared on the screen. Ten years ago, he led the program “12 angry viewers” on MTV. There, he allowed himself to appear in the most extravagant costumes and acting very relaxed. In the microblog of Michael regularly publishes short programs, where he wore the most unusual clothes.

      The participants who dropped from sight: how was their fate

      I must say that many of the participants that were used during the project popular, now disappeared from the sky of show business. However, some still attempt to revive the former glory. A graduate of the fifth “American idol” Alex hopes to find a good producer and to get back on stage.

      “I still sing and act, but in the pleasure and in the circle of loved ones. If my life had a professional producer, I would love to go back to Russia and on the big stage. But until I found a person who you can trust, including financial issues,” – said the singer in an interview.