Джоли купила двухметрового медведя, чтобы помочь детям

Incredibly touching story happened recently on the street of Los Angeles.

Two brothers, Alan and Brandon Alexander, decided to earn some money and put up for sale favorite six-foot Teddy bear.

The boys put a toy on a bench near the house, next put a sign saying “for Sale” and… began to offer their goods to all passers-by. But, as often happens, the people passing by. Nobody wanted or could not help them. Despite the fact that they offered a product for $50 and was ready to bargain.

It is unknown how much more Allen and Brandon Alexander sat on the street, if not accidental random encounter, which you can only dream of!

Next to the guys parked white sports car, and a few minutes later the door opened and from it emerged… the very Angelina Jolie! Yes! The Real Angelina Jolie! And even with her older daughter Shiloh.

The celebrity met with the boys and wanted to buy them a bear. And the cost of goods Angie doubled in half and gave each brother $50. After the actress happily posed with young entrepreneurs, loaded the purchase in the trunk and left.

All the people on the street a long time were amazed, and Allen and Brandon Alexander impressed…

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This story, in our view, has two meanings.

First, we again suggested Angelina Jolie. For example, we once again convinced that doing good deeds and bringing joy to people is not as difficult as it seems, you just need to be a little more attentive and look around.

The second meaning of life revealed to us boys: never, never need to despair and give up even if everyone around you claim to the contrary. Remember that CODESA happen unexpectedly. The main thing – to believe!