A film with Irina Bezrukovoj claims the “Oscar”

Фильм с Ириной Безруковой претендует на «Оскар»

The picture “Earthquake” in which the actress played the leading role, nominated for a prestigious award from Armenia

“Oscar” for the Russian cinema – a thing rare and valuable. Can be counted on the fingers of domestic filmmakers, honored with Academy awards. Irina Bezrukova risks to write his name in history as the actress who played in two Oscar-winning tapes. The movie “Earthquake” from her nominated… However, from Armenia.

Picture of sarika Andreasian nominated for “Oscar” in the category “Best foreign language film”. In the pre-selection process, it was ahead of many competitors and in the end will represent Armenia in the prestigious competition. Good news, Irina has shared with your followers in social networks. “Friends, this is amazing news – written by Irina. – Our film “EARTHQUAKE” nominated Armenian film Academy OSCAR! We are so happy! Thanks for the great academics of Armenia for trusting! We will try to justify it. There is still a long way, but it’s a start. Big thank you to all the creators and participants of the film and especially the producer Ruben L. Desdichado, sarika Andreasyan and my partner Konstantin Lavronenko (photo)”.

The picture “Earthquake” dedicated to the terrible tragedy in the history of Armenia – Leninakan earthquake that occurred in 1988 and destroyed several towns and dozens of villages. Then killed tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands were left without a roof over your head. “This is a serious film, psychological drama, – said Irina Wday.ru. – I’ve seen it at a private viewing. I mentally prepared for viewing, but still could not hold back emotions. Never cried on seeing the pictures. With me and cried the whole room. A very emotional tape. After the session out of the hall and begin to reconsider their life values. Household items, money, career thoughts go far into the background”.

The actress admits that with Konstantin Lavronenko, who also starred in the film, it was very easy to work with. “We are one year starred in two projects. It is very nice. Still, we are on one earth, Rostov, and hence the same blood group. Kostya is a very good actor. Deep, thoughtful, different. A great partner”.

The word “Earthquake” is the second picture with Bezrukovoj, nominated for “Oscar”. In 1996 a film by Czech Director Jan Sverak’s “Kolya” with Irina in the role of mother of the main character was nominated for the award. And won. We wish the actress and this time to get a coveted statuette.