Юрий Колокольников исполнил давнюю мечту
The actor prepared a Grand daughter surprise.

Yuri Kolokolnikov

Photo: Company Movie Mover

Yuri Kolokolnikov has decided to please daughters. “Taisa and Sophia is my weakness, — confessed the actor. — All the free time I try spend with them. We love to travel and recently traveled all over California.” On New year Kolokolnikov fixed the kids a special gift. “Girls waiting for the release of the cartoon “Ferdinand”, where I voiced the main character, bull. Yes, and I’m excited. To participate in this project was my dream. The more I look like Ferdinand: he only looks big and menacing, but inside kind and gentle, loves to roll in the meadow and smell the flowers. And I was like”.

Director Carlos Saldanha, who is also the Creator
the animated hits “Ice age” and “Rio”, advised the jury
Bellhouse during his dubbing. He helped to show him voice the character
peace-loving bull, which fall ordeals. For Yuri it would
first experience dubbing animated film. He admitted that he dreams about it
every actor.

During the voice of Yuri Kolokol’nikov
we also managed to chat with the famous American wrestler and actor
John Sinaia, voicing the main character in the original version.