«Мать драконов» появилась на публике с младенцем на руках
Emilia Clarke has puzzled his fans.

Emilia Clarke

Photo: @emilia_clarke/Instagram

The star of “Game of thrones”, who plays in the series
The mother of dragons — Daenerys —
resulted in complete disbelief of visitors to the London Park Hampstead Heat. 31-year-old
the actress appeared with a baby in her arms, she carried him in a special
bag, the Bjorn, gently holding her two hands. Those who know the actress, was surprised. It seemed that about his personal life extremely popular Emilia Clarke known almost
all! So not only hardcore fans of the star know that she is pregnant
the actress was not. Moreover, according to available information, it is
even not Dating anyone.

Someone had to think that Clark was adopted
child. But it was much simpler: in fact it was not her baby.
As explained Emilia, she just decided to “unload” my friend
who was walking with her, to volunteer to vilify her baby godson
actress. Even so, the very Clark received great pleasure from communication with
cute baby.

“This is me and my godson, which was nice
that didn’t mind when I’m walking with him, sang and danced with happiness
at the same time. His parents are my friends. They are wonderful people, because they
regularly laugh at my not always funny jokes for many years!” — so
Emilia commented on a photo made during the walk.

As for the personal life of the actress,
next to it really haven’t seen any of the candidates in
Boyfriends. In the past Clark had Affairs with actors Seth MacFarlane and
James Franco. But since she broke up with boyfriend Jay Courtney in
2015, actress, according to her statement, finds neither time nor strength for new novels.