Юрий Гребенщиков: жена, личная жизнь

Yuri Grebenshchikov (1937-1988) is considered the Honored artist of the Russian Federation. After graduating from the Moscow art theatre, he performed at the theater of Stanislavsky, where he met a great artist Olga Pavlovna BGAN (1936-1978), which was an unusual role — travesty (the actress played the role of children and adolescents). Olya and Yura immediately fell in love with each other and soon got married. The first wife of Yuri Grebenshchikov was exceptionally beautiful and complex character.

		Юрий Гребенщиков: жена, личная жизнь

Yuri Grebenshchikov

Personal life of Yuri Grebenshchikov

Olya is originally from the Republic of Moldova, but from childhood lived in Moscow. At nineteen, the talented actress starred in the movie “For a showcase of Department store”. Over the seven years of her acting career she was in six films, among which such as “Man is born” and “the Little Prince”. In the family of young actors seething with amorous passion, not without scenes of jealousy and quarrels. Perhaps that is why their personal life is not formed.

		Юрий Гребенщиков: жена, личная жизнь

On the photo: Yuri Grebenshchikov and Olga BGAN

Almost immediately after the divorce O. BGAN becomes the wife of A. K. Simonov, son of the widely known military journalist Konstantin Simonov. For eighteen years O. P. BGAN acted on the stage of drama theatre of a name of Stanislavsky, in Moscow, as well as on the stage of Literary-dramatic theatre.

		Юрий Гребенщиков: жена, личная жизнь

Olga BGAN in the movie “Man was born”

Family creativity Grebenshikova

Stunning acting talent and a broad Russian soul is Yuri allowed him on stage and in life remain a man who is honest, without hypocrisy. Grebenshchikov loved friends, his work admired by the viewer. Soon after the divorce, Yuri has built a new family with actress Natalia Orlova, who bore him a son Cyril (1972).

		Юрий Гребенщиков: жена, личная жизнь

On the photo: Natalia Orlova and Yuri Grebenshchikov

The second wife of Yuri Grebenshchikov — Natalia F. Orlova (1939-2018), now a famous Soviet and Russian artist, a gifted teacher, familiar to audiences for his performances of “My older sister”, “House” and “We are somewhere waiting for”, etc.

		Юрий Гребенщиков: жена, личная жизнь

Natalia Orlova in the film “Scarlet sails”

Natalia Fedorovna in his memoirs recalls: “George always was an attentive, loving husband and a strict father. Son of Cyril — our pride, the actor of theatre and cinema. We also have a granddaughter — Polina Grebenshikov”. When Cyril turned 15, his father died.

A friend of Yuri Grebenshchikov, people’s artist of Russia A. Filozov, said: “George always gave their creativity, friends and partners on stage. In 1987, his brother G. Kuznetsov, a famous Director who worked in the Sverdlovsk film Studio, and invited Yuri to star in the movie “special forces”. Shooting of this film was controlled by the KGB. Intelligence officers have approved S. Yu. Grebenshchikov, the main role”.

Kirill Grebenshchikov, like his father, not once had a chance to play the role of defender of the Fatherland, for which he was awarded the prize of the Russian FSB. This is a special award in the arts (approved in 2006).

		Юрий Гребенщиков: жена, личная жизнь

Kirill Grebenshchikov

The son of Yuri Grebenshchikov — Cyril today, a popular actor. He was playing in the theater, in films and on television. About my personal life Cyril says simply: “he is Married, has a daughter, Pauline”.

		Юрий Гребенщиков: жена, личная жизнь

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