Shemar Moore, wife and children, personal life

 Шемар Мур: жена и дети, личная жизнь

Popular American artist Shemar Franklin Moore (1970) started his career in his student years to earn tuition, he signed a contract with a modeling Agency. Having an outstanding appearance Shemar has always attracted the attention of women. It is known that he was in a serious relationship with a talented singer Toni Braxton. It is possible that a failed wife Shemarov Moore, found in him the same charisma and talent that was the musician Keri Lewis, whom Tony married (2001).

 Шемар Мур: жена и дети, личная жизнь

Shemar Moore

Shemar Moore was ready to marry twice

The first great love W. Moore became Braxton is the daughter of a priest. The family grew Braxtons six children. All very talented and religious. Starting for the first time to sing in the Church choir, Tony along with her sisters subsequently organized a group “The Braxtons”. She not only sang, but also composed music.

 Шемар Мур: жена и дети, личная жизнь

Photo: Toni Braxton

This brought the young singer unprecedented success and popularity. At the peak of its creative activity the young singer met with W. Moore. Their romance was also a creative Union. In 1994, Moore together with the singer starred in her sensational new music video “How Many Ways”. However, the creativity and the personal lives of these talented young people has not brought them happiness.

 Шемар Мур: жена и дети, личная жизнь

Shemar Moore and Tony Braxton

There was one woman who could become a wife Shemarov Moore’s relationship with her was bright, beautiful as the artists themselves, but no joint private life, no common children they had. The second, covered by the media sh Roman F. Moore was very stormy. The subject of his passion was the famous actress Halle berry (1966) recognized beauty, speaking on the beauty contest “Miss World 1986”.

 Шемар Мур: жена и дети, личная жизнь

Photo: Halle berry

Halle Maria berry was victorious in the performances: “Miss Teen All-American” in 1985 and “Miss Ohio USA” in 1986, then began his acting career, and quite successfully! In 2002 she was awarded an honorary award “Oscar”. In Hollywood and was an acquaintance W. Moore with the talented actress H. berry.

 Шемар Мур: жена и дети, личная жизнь

Shemar Moore with Halle berry

Personal life Shemarov Franklin Moore

S. Moore has an outstanding acting talent. Most known for his acclaimed Opera “the Young and the restless”. In addition, sh Moore led the then popular TV program “Soul Train” (1999-2003) and played great agent of special services of Derek Morgan, audience favorite film “criminal minds” (2005-2016).

 Шемар Мур: жена и дети, личная жизнь

Shemar Moore in the TV series “criminal minds”

Only S. Moore’s filmography includes about twenty films. Private life of popular actor is interested in his fans and attracting media attention. In 2007, the ubiquitous reporters photographed Shemarov Moore on a gay beach when he was vacationing in Hawaii. After that, his fans got worried, they are worried about the orientation of Moore. However, the artist hastened to reassure them: “I Assure You that I’m not gay!”

 Шемар Мур: жена и дети, личная жизнь

Reporters asked the actor very clearly the questions, answering which the artist said: “Women I’ve always thought of God’s great creation! At the moment my personal life is at home (caring for her sick mother), the wife and I have no children, so I gladly engaged in the education of two cute Pets. This bulldogs Shaggy Boogie and Mo Digiti.”

 Шемар Мур: жена и дети, личная жизнь

Shemar Moore with dogs

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