Юрий Беляев повредил ногу
The famous actor was injured.

Yuri Belyaev and Tatyana Abramova with his son Vanya

Photo: Yury Feklistov

Yuri Belyaev received a leg injury on the tennis court — now he has to walk with langedoc. The incident happened at the twentieth anniversary festival of visual arts in children’s camp “Eaglet”, where Belyaev came with his wife Tatiana Abramova and her son Vanya.

By the way, in the life of Yuri and Tatyana festival “Orlyonok” occupies a special place. It was here, two years ago, at the traditional cast party, they announced to colleagues that married! Then the news about the secret wedding and the wedding of the two stars was a real surprise for all guests.

As told “7 Days” in an interview with Tatiana, “we with Yury were brought together by destiny. After a couple of months before we met, played together in Minsk in one picture. However, common scenes we had and we never met. While we lived in the same
the apartment, which the film group shot for the cast! Only in September
one of us film festival with Yuri finally introduced to each other. And
the result in may of the next year we got married, arranging a wedding for the relatives.
As you can see, omen “in may to marry — only to suffer” we don’t believe.
The most important for us that in June we were married… My sons Vanya and Sasha immediately
felt that Yura treats them very well. And children always
feel when their sincere love.”

Since then, arriving at “Eaglet”, fellow actors always remember the story with the secret wedding and rejoice in how strong of Yuri and Tatyana match. So this time, the couple together with the son of Tatiana Vanya went together to the court. However, in the beginning of the game Yuri summed up the shoes. He did not play in sneakers and flip-flops, and at some point hooked the thumb of land. Because of the severe pain the actor thought he had a fracture. But doctors found only a very severe blow. However, it still imposed on the foot of the actor lagetko — for fastest healing.

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