Полина Гагарина поразила снимком без макияжа
The natural beauty of the singer delighted her fans.

Полина Гагарина поразила снимком без макияжа

Polina Gagarina

Photo: Instagram

Polina Gagarin showed a photo where she poses without makeup. “When you don’t need to PM”,
— signed picture star. Subscribers microblog singer this time, not only
expressed his admiration for the views of blooming artist, but also noticed that without makeup
Polina looks even better.

The opportunity to relax and devote time to his family Polina
received two days ago. Spare time the singer has decided to hold on
the cottage, where I went together with her husband, photographer Dmitry Isakov, and son Andrew.

Its beauty and smooth skin, by the way, the singer inherited from
my mom. Ekaterina looks slightly older than the famous
daughter. Not so long ago Polina shared a photo of his beloved mom on her blog, and
fans of the singer were struck by her appearance.

While Gagarin is forced to carefully monitor the condition
their skin. For example, last fall the singer was diagnosed with a rare Allergy:
her skin became supersensitive to respond to the water from the tap. Gagarina
even had to install the taps with a special protective filters to tender
the facial skin does not peel off.

Polina Gagarina with her husband Dmitry Isakov

Photo: Instagram

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