Юлианна Караулова тайно отправилась в загс The singer finally decided on the day, which will take place in celebration. Soon Yulianna Karaulova and Andrew Black will officially issue the relations. Fans congratulate the newlyweds with a joyful event.

      Ex-participant of “factory of stars” and group “5sta family” Yulianna Karaulova will soon go down the aisle with music producer Andrey Cherny. Today, March 17, the lovers decided on a responsible step and submitted an application to the Registrar. This means that they finally chose the date of the meeting and busy planning the wedding.

      Whether this holiday is a lush or a pair of limited to the invitation of the relatives is still unknown. Fans nominate their assumptions on who will be on the guest list. In their versions, some of them are friends of young people and their colleagues: Dmitry Bilan, Bianca, Tree, Maxim Trankov with his wife Tatiana, Volosozhar, Timur Rodrigez and others. Interestingly, neither Julianna nor Andrew has not shared with fans the news about the trip to the registry office. Though, the girl noted several posts in Instagram with congratulations in the address.

      Recall that the proposal of marriage made Black sweetheart three months ago. On one knee in front of the singer man stood on the ice, where fun lovers. Later the artist admitted that he did not even know about such a surprise. Then bystanders and friends of young people, not hiding emotions, clapped and shouted “Hurrah!” Yulianna Karaulova married Previously Karaulova already admitted to “StarHit”, which is very appreciative of Andrew for the sympathy and care which he was surrounded.

      “Of course, for me it is very important to have someone support and believe in. When something doesn’t work out, a loved one helps not to give up. Moreover, I am pleased that he understands what I do and why can come very late, he knows what life on the road”.

      The actress also said that, despite the relatively long life together, of domestic quarrels between them still occur. The girl said that their couple is in this respect no different from all the others. But high attention of obsessive fans sometimes brings them great discomfort.

      “Of course, for men it is natural that he is jealous. But he’s adequate jealousy, he doesn’t make scandals. But I there too do not give! There are fans that would globally violate the comfort zone and personal space, but before the fights did not reach”, said Julianna.