Мэрилин Керро вступит в битву с бывшей девушкой Александра Шепса Ilona Novoselova will play Estonian witch. The participants of the project “the Psychics lead the investigation: the Battle of the fittest” had to test their magical abilities during one of the tasks. According to Elena Golunova, during the filming the atmosphere was very tense.

      Мэрилин Керро вступит в битву с бывшей девушкой Александра Шепса

      In the new issue of the most mystical of the program “Psychics lead the investigation: the Battle of the fittest” was attended by a strong witch. The shooting program was very intense, as they participated Ilona Novoselova and Marilyn Kerro. The girls had to compete not only during work but also outside of the project. It was rumored that a few years ago, a psychic was in close relations with one of the winner “Fights of psychics” Alexander Sheps. At the moment, judging by the posts on social networks, the medium meets with Estonian witch. Marilyn Kerro explained why continue to live one

      Because Novoselova, and Kerro quite fiery tempers, the atmosphere was very tense. Elena Golunova, who also took part in the filming, shared with the editors of TNT impressions of the workflow.

      “There are times when a specialist arrives to the shooting, to help people, but forgets why he’s here. The atmosphere in which we are immersed, can not be called working. All that could be done from my side, I tried to do. But what I encountered was for me at least, surprisingly,” said the witch.

      According to Elena, Ilona and Marilyn was trying to compete with each other to prove their superiority. As explained by the witch, the girl did not understand that it was necessary to sort things out, and to send forces on the job and helping people.

      In the program, which will air March 18 on the channel TNT, specialists called in to solve family problems Sakharov, who every summer come to the house, located at the station of the Oka in the Tula region. People who applied to the program “Psychics lead the investigation”, claimed that the room ghosts and felt the presence of other supernatural forces. They’ve experienced real horror when evil began to encroach on their lives.

      The three witches from TNT Announcements on Rutube.

      Experts had to find out what is wrong with the house Sakharov. By the way, earlier Kerro and Novoselov had met on the set of the transmission. Marilyn arrived at the site, when Alexander and Ilona participated in the contest. Estonian witch reacted to the situation, as the chosen one didn’t warn her.

      In the season of “Psychics lead the investigation: the Battle of the fittest”, the audience waiting for 18 mystical stories. Specialists will remove the curse from the apartments and people, chasing away ghosts, solve the mystery of sudden deaths, conduct séances and magic rituals.