Anna Banshchikova became a mother for the third time

Анна Банщикова стала мамой в третий раз On 17 March, the actress gave birth to a girl. The newborn baby was named Maria. Now Anna Banshchikova feels great and is preparing for discharge home from the hospital. Relatives have prepared for your new baby’s first gifts.

      Star of the TV series “Bloodhound” Anna Banshchikova, together with her husband, a lawyer by Vsevolod Shakhanov, accept congratulations with the new addition to the family. Today, March 17, the actress gave beloved daughter. Little Masha was born in the elite perinatal center in Lapino. Home happy mother’s been waiting for two sons: seven-year-old Sasha and nine-year-old Misha. The boys even prepared pleasant surprises for mom and little sister.

      Banshchikova previously admitted that he considers himself a fairly strict mom. Actress of theatre and cinema, does not scold and punish the heirs, but not with the Lisp sons periodically and not allowed to eat sweets, to watch foreign cartoons and drink a coke. But the father on the contrary – believes that education needs to look larger, without going into such details. Interestingly, Anna and Vsevolod have been dreaming about the girl. When the star was pregnant for the second time, I was sure that the light will be the successor and immediately gave her the name Maria. But a few months later, already on the ultrasound, it turned out – to be born a boy again.

      “Finally our family except me have got another girl, — laughs Anna. — And then we had this man’s Kingdom… When you select a name for the girl question was not: I always knew that if I had a daughter is born, I’ll call her Masha…” – quote Banshikova “Seven days.”

      Fans worried, won’t the birth of the third child a successful career of Anna. Apparently, you long to sit in the decree, the actress will not be – together with the second son Sasha the actress left the shooting almost immediately after birth.

      In addition, almost all the time with children is the head of the family Vsevolod Shakhanov. A man copes with heirs and even with the household duties. In an interview, the actress admitted that her husband protects and allows you not to engage in domestic issues. She Banshchikova, despite the emotional and often quarrel with the second half, the beloved grateful for the support, assistance and care. According to her, the lawyer understands the busy schedule of the actress and not sort things out because of delays at work.

      Despite the quarrels, Banshchikova sure of your spouse. Anna feels comfortable because he knows that she has a person she can rely on in all. The actress is not afraid to leave the children when he goes to the shooting – Vsevolod will always look after his two sons, Misha and Sasha. Banshchikova happy that the husband understands how important to her profession and are not satisfied with the scandals because of the protracted shooting process. Most often disputes arise on quite trifling cases.