Кейт Миддлтон шокирована поведением супруга The sources close to the Royal family told reporters that the woman is upset by the antics of Prince William. According to insiders, Kate Middleton is believed that her husband has long forgotten about the “rave” past. But a recent event has shown that it is not.

      Кейт Миддлтон шокирована поведением супруга

      The rest of Prince William in the Swiss ski resort will be remembered by the public for a long time. The heir to the British throne, leaving his wife and children in the UK, had fun while young, and flirting with beautiful girls of model appearance. Photos and videos depicting male relaxing spread all over the Internet. Some images William puts his hand on the brunettes waist high, and then leans forward. In turn, beauty holding on to him.

      A wide resonance also caused the movie with dances heir to the British throne. His movement has been called “an old man”. Some spiteful critics believe that William thus expresses his joy at the long-awaited vacation away from home.

      In addition, the Duke of Cambridge was suspected of fascination with Australian model Sophie Turner. William and mannequin smiled sweetly and talked in the company of friends. After some time, the mother of a young woman denied information about the alleged affair of his daughter. “Sophie said that they met and had a few drinks. She noted that he was very kind and behaved like regular people,” said one.

      Mother model revealed the details of her date with Prince William

      Rumors about the behavior of Prince William in Switzerland, came to his wife Kate Middleton. Insiders report that the woman is upset by the antics of a spouse. Apparently, the man will still have to apologize to the second half. It is reported that the Duchess of Cambridge was very disappointed and closed off from everyone in the Palace, not talking with anyone for a long time.

      “Kate seriously considered that William “tied” with his rave past and began to communicate less with questionable friends. She finds this very humiliating and terribly angry at her husband, although the breakup is no question,” said an anonymous source close to the Royal family correspondents of the periodical.

      However, Kate Middleton and won’t admit that to resent her husband. On March 17 the Duke of Cambridge and his wife participated in the parade of the First battalion Irish guards in honor of St. Patrick’s Day. Monarch smiled broadly for photographers and honored the guards. Several hours later, Kate and William planned an important meeting in Paris – there needs to be conversation with President Francois Hollande. And on Saturday expect spouses at a reception at the British Embassy.