Гарик Сукачев бросил пить ради семьи The actor admitted that his behavior has changed dramatically. Garik Sukachev, he even thought about starting to eat right. The leader of the group “Brigade s” no longer follow the slogan “Live fast, die young”.

      Гарик Сукачев бросил пить ради семьи

      Famous musician from the group “Brigade s” Garik Sukachev told me that his life changed drastically. Many rock fans remember artist headstrong and cocky. However, as recognized by the man, relatives and friends managed to make him quiet family man. The artist likes to recall the days when they were forbidden to perform on stage with their songs and their band is included in the black list of musical groups.

      “I’m not a rebel! I’m a loving husband, caring father, and me, these roles are now completely satisfied. And the fact that I live in marriage with his wife all his life, only confirms my words,” said Sukachev.
      Гарик Сукачев бросил пить ради семьи

      Like many other rock musicians, Garik faced with a dangerous addiction. Several years, the man abused alcohol, which could not affect his health. A little over a year ago by the legendary hit “My grandma smokes a pipe” went to the hospital because of alcohol intoxication. According to friends of V. N. Sukachev, the doctors literally pulled him from the world. Several concerts were canceled, but organizers tried to calm fans of the musician, explaining that the contractor could not hold the event due to fatigue. As told the leader of the “Brigade s” reporters, now, he refused to addictions.

      Ivan Okhlobystin admitted that Sukachev “back from the dead”

      “As the years passed, I changed. To follow the slogan the rock-n-roll “Live fast, die young” is not possible – I’m an old guy. Alcohol is still treated with deep respect and awe, but I do not drink for many years. Here are all trying to go on a diet,” said the musician.

      Now Sukachev working on a documentary about the tchuisky highway, which will be broadcast on the First channel. Besides, the artist released the anthology “Brigade C” “Case no… the Level of secrecy A12” stylized folder of the KGB.

      “That’s quite a lot of things. This collection of our records, and microfilm, and rare photos and clippings from Soviet and Western Newspapers. And… even the wrench,” said the actor in an interview with the Metro newspaper.