Yulianna Karaulova: “do not forgive betrayal”

Юлианна Караулова: «Больше не прощу предательства» Singer 24 APR celebrates its 30th anniversary. On the eve of Yulianna Karaulova decided to gamble and answered tricky questions of the “StarHit”.
Юлианна Караулова: «Больше не прощу предательства»

  • REGRET most of ALL… what is hurting. Can a temper to say too much, and then blame themselves. Although reflect is not my habit.
  • A SHAME, BUT I don’T KNOW how… to cook the soup. Once upon a time cooked, but the recipe is forgotten. If desired and necessary, of course, learn anew. But while time is, unfortunately, or fortunately, not enough.
  • IF I COULD CHANGE the PAST… that would save humanity from terrorist attacks and other disasters, warned people about the impending trouble. But if to speak about my life, nothing would fix it. Any errors – it’s an experience that was for something needed. Try to forget about the past, just make conclusions.
  • JUST ON the THRESHOLD of the THIRTIETH anniversary REALIZED… that everything depends solely on us. And sores including the result of the inner work or its absence. In Russia it is not accepted to go to psychologists (and a lot), but in vain. They help to deal with the mess in my head.
  • RIDICULOUS RUMOR I HEARD ABOUT MYSELF… supposedly dad is an oligarch who paid and made my career. I myself just made. But parents, of course, was helped by the fact that believed and never interfered.

Do you WANT to SAVE… in a large country house with a plot.
Юлианна Караулова: «Больше не прощу предательства»

  • MOM CAN SCOLD you… for not calling me back. To my shame, often forget to do it.
  • NEVER FORGIVE your LOVED one… As experience shows, you can forgive everything. And I’ve done it before. The question of whether people are, as adults, rarely change: ‘if a man crossed the line, it will do the same in the second and third time. Now I think that is unlikely to forgive betrayal. But I prefer not to promise.
  • UNTIL six MONTHS LIVED IN LONDON, I REALIZED THAT… in contrast to Russian men, the British are less assertive and self-confident. It can be aptly sum up in one word – more delicate. But it is not as generous as our concerns and actions, and Finance.
  • Don’T LIKE to TALK ABOUT… the shortcomings of their appearance, I don’t want to focus on the negatives. Why? It is possible that they see only me, and someone rather like them.
  • WHEN I’m NOT in the MOOD… listening to good energizing music, watch motivating videos on YouTube and you call your friends – they are humor and know how to cheer.
  • BE DAY 48 HOURS… learn to dance like Beyonce to write music, as Farrell, a helicopter pilot, and the best plane, in the perfection to speak French and Chinese. Why not?
  • OF RUSSIAN ARTISTS LOVE most… Dima Bilan. We have a lot of cool indie bands that are not so widely known. Pompeya, for example. More like Monatic, Ivan Dorn, Born.

IF you NEED to URGENTLY to lose WEIGHT… you start to exercise regularly and follow the diet. Do not sit on strict diets, but just refuse some products at certain times of the day.
Юлианна Караулова: «Больше не прощу предательства»

  • MY MAIN BEAUTY life HACK… need not to be lazy and regularly clean the skin, to care for her. Every day. In the morning and evening. And still drink at least two liters of water a day.
  • WHEN TRYING to CARE… I found that very inspiring. Any girl blossoms and becomes more confident when she likes somebody. It’s so nice!
  • ONCE IN a DISPUTE… won an iPhone. The initiative to place a bet wasn’t mine. Find out other differences in the engines of the new models of cars of one brand. I was right.
  • IF I BECAME a MAN… that would be terribly off for the first time. Being a woman, by virtue of education and social norms follow a specific pattern, so as not to shock the public. And men, in my opinion, everything is possible.
  • FEW people KNOW THAT… every day I will dream. Think it’s important to regularly think about the desires and materialize them, otherwise they just won’t come true. Sounds naive, but it’s true.