Son fish and Senchukova requires a sequel for “humiliation”

Сын Рыбина и Сенчуковой требует баснословные гонорары за «унижения» Musician wary of the modeling business. Son Senchukova Natalia and Victor Rybin Basil received offers to participate in photo shoots. The parents insist that the guy discussed the details and came out ahead
Сын Рыбина и Сенчуковой требует баснословные гонорары за «унижения»

The son of a famous musical couple, Victor Rybina and Natalia Senchukova Basil is now 19 years old. From time to time parents published in the microblog pictures of him. The appearance of a young man from many followers delighted with it. They tipped the guy a bright future in the modeling business. Brutal son Senchukova fish and delighted in the Network

Apparently, parents do not mind this work of his son, although he does not treat her seriously. Victor teaches Basil to be attentive to the various proposals of the advertising shots and not make a bad bargain using their appearance. The young man did not intend to work for a pittance.

“Speaking about the modeling business, he says: “Give more money, then I’ll go to play! And if not, don’t go!” Some of the young people it is important to get to shoot, they are willing to work for free. Bob we are not the same. He immediately asks about the fee. I support him and say: “Bob, don’t need to grovel, if only for the money!” – said the musician.

Also fish and Senchukova told that not so long ago a young man took the suggestion of one of the sports company. However, Victor did not like that Bob paid a bit. But Natalia was satisfied with the fee of the son, and believes that this money is enough for this work.

“A survey received sixty thousand rubles. In my opinion, even good,” admitted the singer.

Now the young man is passionate about very different things – he is learning at the directing Department Mgica, and yet, as parents, can’t imagine life without music, he writes songs.

Сын Рыбина и Сенчуковой требует баснословные гонорары за «унижения»

For privacy Basil Victor and Natalia calm – they know the girl and approve the selection of the heir. According to the couple, the young people are familiar with since childhood. They do not hurry the lovers to marry, despite the fact that their feelings are already proven. Also fish and Senchukova not insist on early procreation.

“With his girlfriend he has known since kindergarten. So there is no options. We do not evaluate anyone, just accepted his choice. A very nice girl.” – told the artist in an interview with “Interlocutor”.