Юлианна Караулова не может выйти замуж The singer admits that deep down wants to try on a wedding dress. Yulianna Karaulova glad the boyfriend is sympathetic to her career ambitions, expresses jealousy and not rushing it with the wedding.

      Very soon, the First channel starts a new season of the popular show “Ice age”, which will be attended by Yulianna Karaulova. The singer will be on the ice in a pair of Maxim trankovym. A major supporter of the stars become her boyfriend, record producer Andrew Black.

      Stars and athletes preparing for the start of the Ice age”

      Lovers meet many years ago. At first were friends, then dated and even broke up. However, the feelings were so strong that the couple was reunited and now thinking of marriage. However, the dream of a white wedding dress while Julianna will have to wait. Karaulova I would like to start a family, but now she’s focused on her career.

      “When girls say that a wedding is no matter, then, flirting, and pretending. Every girl wants to try on a wedding dress, and then live happily ever after. But it is a big responsibility. I am very glad that we with Andrey from one sphere and we understand that now, when everything started to turn into a career, not a step back”, – says the artist.

      By the way, the profession of Julianna implies not only non-standard work schedule and a large number of fans around, but also the possible fact that the whole second half. So, a few days ago was premiere of the new video Karaulova for the song “Broken love”, where she portrays feelings with a charming young man. Fortunately, the beloved singer Andrew understood even the bed scene with the actress and not expressing open jealousy.

      “Andrew is unpleasant, I’m with some strange man sleeping in the same bed. And plus, still touring, late concerts or rehearsals. I come home and, of course, do not have time to do some domestic things. He is turning a blind eye to it, thank God. And I’m very grateful to him for that,” Julianna acknowledged in an interview with “Peopletalk”.

      We will remind, Yulianna Karaulova for many years on the stage. Audiences first saw the singer when she got to the project “star Factory-5” under the direction of Alla Pugacheva. Then there was a period in journalism, after which she got into the group “5sta Family”, replacing Lou. Solo career, Julianna has been doing for more than a year, and, it seems, ahead of a new round of popularity.