Дмитрий Маликов объяснил, почему не дал дочери работу The star father told us about the new play “Flip the game”, which is aimed at educating the younger generation. Picking his troupe, he took in its composition Stephanie, noting that the girl is not yet a professional actress.

      Dmitry Malikov presented a performance of “Flip the game”. The statement says the younger generation of Mozart, Beethoven, Bach, Rachmaninoff and on the hits of Freddie mercury, Michael Jackson. According to the artist, the project aimed at Patriotic education of senior pupils. Since had a daughter, Stephanie, he knows what young people are interested in.

      In his play “Flip the game” was a role for a young girl, but the famous father decided that Stesha is not ready to play at the theater. Dmitry believes that she has a lot to learn.

      “Though the heroine comes of age – she is also 16, she’s cute blonde, but professional attitude: Stesha not an actress, and there’s a complicated role, it is a real drama, not just song and dance,” – said Dmitry.

      According to the artist, at the time, he sang a few songs and became popular since then it was not such a serious competition as it is now. Malik admitted that his daughter will be much more difficult to achieve success and recognition. “I think its a success is primarily associated with her age, her name, good looks, her ability to communicate, she is good at thinking – gives the network good advice, interesting her generation. Creative and her talents are not yet revealed, her current singing is just acquiring some stage experience,” said Dmitry.

      Dmitry is fine with her daughter and tries to instill in her the right values. The actor said that he is very critical father and sometimes argues with his heir. However, problems between them never arose.

      The daughter of famous parents already own makes money. Stephanie appeared on the pages of glossy magazines, and also participated in the television show. “Stesi great popularity in social networks and a lot of advertising appeals, this is not a huge some amount, but money. So she knows it’s true.” Although, of course, I have the opportunity, and I’m like a father to indulge in something, but it’s not out of bounds. And every time she said, “Mom, can I have that?”. And her mother said, “No, wait, come back later”. Not children much balawat,” admitted Malik “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.