Antonio Banderas spoke about her love to Melanie Griffith

Антонио Бандерас заговорил о любви к Мелани Гриффит The actor thought about the relationship with the former spouse. According to Antonio Banderas, he still thinks Melanie Griffith’s most beautiful creation. Recall that the marriage of the stars collapsed in 2015.

      Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith divorced in 2015. Fans of the Hollywood stars didn’t believe this could happen, because the couple had been married since 1996 and was considered one of the strongest pairs. The husband and wife were able to settle all the issues without accusing each other and part friends. Banderas still thinks ex-wife a good friend. Despite the divorce, the actor also takes an active part in their children’s lives.

      “We broke up with Melanie’s friends continue to chat, talk on the phone almost every day, I loved her, love and will love. Melanie is a beautiful creature, and so she remains for me forever,” admitted Antonio.

      After the divorce is finalized, according to the court, the actor was obliged to pay Melanie 65 thousand dollars a month in financial support. The woman also got a house in aspen. Apartment in Los Angeles they had to be sold and the money divided in half. Griffith later admitted that no regrets about the divorce. It is full of creative plans and ideas.

      Recall that Banderas and Griffith a daughter Stella del Carmen, and also has two stepchildren Alexander and Dakota Johnson starring in the popular movie “50 shades of grey”. According to the actor, Stella is quite similar to the parents.

      “Melanie and both are Lions by nature, expressive, and my daughter, on the contrary, very serious, thinks in advance each step. I often ask: where does this miracle come from? She doesn’t like the Hollywood life, Stella loves to be behind the scenes, so engaged in literature”, – said Banderas.

      By the way, most recently, Antonio Banderas flew to Moscow for the opening of his photo exhibition called Women in Gold in the Multimedia Art Museum and presented the fragrance Queen of Seduction. The actor has impressed fans with his zest for life and cheerful disposition. Antonio Banderas: “Women is a mystery that I’m trying to solve”

      “I look back and remember incidents that happened to me when I worried, cried, but now I understand that it was not so important, and just laugh at these things. I don’t like to live with some drama within,” admitted Antonio in an interview with OK!.